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Honor Organizations



These national and international honor societies recognize students based on outstanding academic achievement.

Alpha Kappa Delta: International Sociology Honor Society

Alpha Kappa Delta recognizes seniors who have done outstanding work in sociology.

Advisor: Debra Wetcher-Hendricks

Alpha Psi Omega: National Honorary Theater Society

Alpha Psi Omega recognizes students who have done outstanding work in the dramatic arts.

Advisor:  Bill Bauman

Beta Beta Beta: National Honor Society for Biology Students

Beta Beta Beta is dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of biology and biological research. Biologists with a range of interests and expertise are invited to speak at meetings, giving members the opportunity to learn about real-world research problems.

President: Raya Saba
Advisor: Chris Jones

Delta Omicron: International Music Honor Fraternity

The Delta Omicron Gamma Pi chapter is open to all music majors and minors with a minimum grade-point average of 3.00 in their music courses and a 2.0 overall GPA. Activities include two musical performances per year as well as academic and service functions. Group provides many leadership opportunities.

President:  Jane Spadaccini
Advisor:  Paula Zerkle

Gamma Sigma Alpha: National Greek Honor Society

Gamma Sigma Alpha recognizes academic achievement among members of Panhellenic sororities and Interfraternity Council fraternities. Membership requires senior status and a cumulative GPA of 3.50.

Advisor:  Liz Yates

Kappa Delta Pi: International Honorary Society in Education

Kappa Delta Pi recognizes overall academic excellence in education. Local members maintain a high degree of collegiality and mentor elementary, early childhood, middle level, and secondary education programs. The society also sponsors speakers and events.

Advisor: Connie Unger 

Kappa Pi: International Honorary Art Society

Kappa Pi recognizes art majors who have attained a high level of artistic and academic achievement. Members may perform voluntary service to the College and community through artistic means.

Advisor:  Jan Ciganick

Omicron Delta Epsilon: National Honor Society for Economics and Business

Omicron Delta Epsilon recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement and promotes closer ties between students and faculty. The group also sponsors service activities for students interested in economics and business.

Advisor: Eva Marikova Leeds

Omicron Delta Kappa: National Leadership Honor Society

Omicron Delta Kappa membership is extended to juniors and seniors who have demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership in campus activities and organizations, and service to College and community. The Moravian College Circle of ODK also sponsors lectures and service projects and recognizes the academic achievement and leadership of Moravian students. 

President:  Mark Wunderly
Advisor: Nicole Loyd

Phi Alpha Theta: National Honor Society for History

Phi Alpha Theta recognizes students who have done superior work in the study of history. Candidates must have achieved a designated overall GPA as well as a designated minimum average or better in at least three history courses. Activities include both academic and social functions.

President:  Myles Barros
Advisor:  Heikki Lempa

Phi Sigma Iota: International Foreign Language Honor Society

Phi Sigma Iota is for upperclassmen pursuing a curriculum with an emphasis in foreign languages and cultures. Candidates must have achieved a designated overall GPA as well as a required grade-point average in their foreign language courses. The society fosters “a discerning and sympathetic understanding of the other peoples of the world.” It sponsors speakers, films, and other activities related to foreign languages.

Advisor: Maggie Snyder

Pi Mu Epsilon: National Mathematics Honor Society

Pi Mu Epsilon promotes scholarly activity in mathematics among students. Membership is conferred in recognition of scholarly achievement in mathematics. The local chapter, Pennsylvania Omicron, sponsors the Moravian College Student Mathematics Conference, a regional meeting for undergraduates interested in mathematics and related fields.

Advisor: Kevin Hartshorn

Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha is the campus chapter of the National Honor Society for Political Science.

Psi Chi: National Psychology Honor Society

Psi Chi promotes, stimulates, and maintains scholarship in the field of psychology. Student members—psychology majors and others with high academic achievement in the discipline of psychology—are encouraged to participate in annual research conferences, guest-speaker events, and service projects, and to contribute to the chapter’s biennial newsletter.

President:  Dan Ferman
Advisor:  Michelle Schmidt

Sigma Iota Rho

Sigma Iota Rho is the international studies honor society at Moravian College. Students with high academic achievement in a variety of majors who take courses with a significant international focus, foreign language courses, and/or study abroad are invited to join in their junior or senior year.

Advisor: Christian Sinclair

Sigma Pi Sigma

The national Physics Honor Society.

Sigma Tau Delta: The International Literary Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta recognizes distinction in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. It promotes interest in literature and the English language on campus and in the community and fosters the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing.

President:  Katelyn Remp
Advisor:  Nicole Tabor

Sigma Theta Tau: International Nursing Honor Society

Our chapter's stated purpose is: To recognize superior achievement; to develop professional leadership qualities; to foster high professional standards and encourage creative work and to strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of nursing. We do this by offering programs, service projects and events for our members and the college community.

President:  Gail Wainwright
Advisor:  Lori Hoffman

Theta Alpha Kappa: The National Honor Society for Religious Studies and Theology

Theta Alpha Kappa recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.

Advisor:  Kelly Denton-Borhaug