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United Student Government Finance Committee. From left to right: Justin Vatti, Woodrow Battle, Eric Williams
United Student Government

The Point System: How to Earn Money for Your Club


The Finance Committee of the United Student Government exists in order to provide the financial support, logistics, and information to all sanctioned organizations and those requesting funds. We coordinate with the business office to record accurate internal and external USG financial aspects. Our primary tasks include creating the fiscal budget for the fiscal year and advising the USG body on the financial opinion of various directives with regard to our financial position by analyzing trends, policies, historical happenings, and administrative initiatives.

What is a point system?

A “point system club” is a club or organization that will earn money for their budget in the form of points acquired by hosting campus-wide events or attends a USG sanctioned event. Points will be awarded based on how many events the club hosts or attends. The point worth for a USG event and a mission statement event vary. Point system clubs budgets rollover to the next fiscal year at the end of each fiscal year.

What is an Exempt Club

An exempt club is “exempt” from the Point System. Instead of acquiring points that then equate to funding, exempt clubs receive funding by requesting them in the budget submission window. The functional distinction between the two is in how exempt clubs need a certain funding to exist (e.g. Rugby Team) because there is one primary action the club participates in, while point system clubs can host a variety of events that benefit their mission. Exempt clubs’ budgets do not rollover at the end of the fiscal year.


Budgeting for all Point System Clubs and Exempt Clubs will take place at the end of each academics year. For Point System Clubs, every club will be required to submit a budget submission form. This packet will include every event that the club participated in and every task that the club completed throughout the year, with proof. USG will then confirm the amount of points that each club acquired throughout the year and will send information to club officers prior to the end of the Spring semester as to what their upcoming fiscal year. For Exempt clubs, club officers will need to submit an exempt club budget submission form with specific information about what they plan on spending their money on. USG fervently attempts to accommodate all Point System Club and Exempt club budget requests.


This category also includes any event related to the club’s mission statement. For example, if the History Club travels to Gettysburg for a purpose relating to their mission statement, they would earn 1 point. At least 2 members must be present for the event to count. Be sure to include all events that a club completes in the budget packets.

Departmental Budget Access

Departmental Budget Access grants access to the President, Treasurer and advisor to see the clubs funds on AMOS, which are directly updated from the business office. They can track how much money they have left, what has been spent, what they were allocated, and what they rolled over. In order to receive Departmental Budget Access, the club must keep USG updated on who are in these executive positions.

Discretionary Funds

Discretionary Funds are a solitary fund able for all students to request for events that explicitly benefit student involvement. In order to request discretionary funds, the club or person must fill out the Google Form that is in the documents section of our web page, and can choose whether to present their request in the next USG meeting, or not to. This fund is excluded from budget allocations for clubs. USG finances guarantee that each request will be considered in full and will communicate with any questions regarding the nature of the request.

Exempt Clubs (clubs with fixed budgets)

Habitat for Humanity

Panhellenic Council


Equestrian Club

Benigna Yearbook

Ice Hockey



Omicron Delta Kappa