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Haupert Union Building Expansion

Work is underway to transform our beloved Haupert Union Building student center into a state-of-the-art facility that will celebrate the entire Moravian community.

Project Updates

June 2024

Progress continues! Amber Donato, Associate Director of Project Management, says construction crews are pouring concrete foundations for the new addition and steel reinforcement work is underway at the Blue & Grey Café and Star Campus Restaurant, which will allow the new and old buildings to be connected. A temporary parking lot for construction vehicles is in place at the corner of Laurel and Monocacy streets. Crews are also installing a retention basin for stormwater under the old Lot J.

Donato says the main goal for the rest of the summer is to have all concrete foundations poured so that steel erection for the new building can begin. 

Check the progress of the HUB Expansion anytime, anywhere! Tune into the live video feed showing the construction project from atop the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex:

April 2024

Moravian's Office of Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction is coordinating the HUB Expansion with architectural design firm Earl Swennson Associates (ESa) and construction company Warfel Construction. According to Amber Donato, Associate Director of Project Management, demolition of the old HUB is complete, and foundations for the new building will begin in the next few weeks. All programs that were previously taking place in the HUB were relocated to the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex ahead of demolition. The only section of the old HUB still in use is the dining area, specifically The Star Campus Restaurant and the Blue & Grey Café, and new entrances have been set up to allow students to continue to enter and exit safely throughout construction.

Donato says the project is on schedule to be completed by next fall for the new academic year. In the video below, Warfel Project Manager Donald Stahlnecker explains the progress and what students can expect when they return to campus in the fall.


Commitment to the HUB

Our dedicated alumni and generous supporters are trailblazers and change-makers. They are lighting the way for our students and future generations with their innovative vision and extraordinary contributions to the HUB Expansion.

Robert P. Flicker ’71

Robert P. Flicker ’71 Leadership Suite

Robert P. Flicker ’71 first learned about leadership as a student at Moravian. After 50 years as a leader in the manufacturing industry, he is dedicating the Robert P. Flicker ’71 Leadership Suite to provide a space for students to grow their leadership qualities, hone their collaboration skills, and aim for success.

Marion Gibson “Gib” & Barbara Loyd HUB Information Desk

Marion Gibson “Gib” & Barbara Loyd HUB Information Desk

Nicole Loyd, PhD is well-known across campus as an influential administrator who always puts her students first. Her parents instilled these traits in her, she says, and it's her turn to honor them and their legacy by naming the Marion Gibson “Gib” & Barbara Loyd HUB Information Desk.

Moravian University Alumni Association

Alumni Association Room

The Moravian University Alumni Association was the first to pledge support for the new HUB. Their memories as Greyhounds fueled their vision for the Alumni Association Room, which will serve as the the group's quarterly meeting location and provide space for student organizations, faculty, and staff to meet and collaborate.

Laurie Riley Brubaker

Laurie Ann Riley ’82 Center for Career & Civic Engagement

Laurie Riley Brubaker ’82 loved her own Moravian experience, and she stayed involved as an alum by supporting as many students as possible through scholarship and mentoring. When Laurie passed away in 2019 from cancer, her family decided to name the Laurie Ann Riley ’82 Center for Career & Civic Engagement in her memory.

Laurie Riley Roommates

Career Center Interview Rooms

Laurie's best friends at Moravian, Patricia Murray Hanna ’82, Joanne Belletti Molle ’82, Judith Mazzucco Oehrle ’82, and Carol Sampson Sweeney ’82, also chose to honor her legacy by funding two interview rooms that will be located in the career center.

Tour the New Space

Go on an animated tour of the expanded HUB and see all that's to come for our students and community:



Groundbreaking Ceremony

Thank you to all who attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Haupert Union Building Expansion, hosted by the Moravian University Board of Trustees and President Bryon Grigsby ’90, P’22, P’26, on Friday, February 2. It was a special celebration to mark the start of a new era for our HUB student center and the Moravian community. View a photo gallery from the event.

Special Remarks

During the groundbreaking event, campus leaders and project partners offered inspiring words about how plans for the HUB Expansion began, how each floor is designed with purpose, and how this new space will better serve our entire campus community.

Wendell Brown, Principal, Earl Swensson Associates, Inc. (ESa)

The groundbreaking of a building is the most joyous event of a project—the design is approved, we are on budget, and there are no change orders. It is an exciting and aspirational time. This is the case for the Haupert Union Building (HUB), because of the thoughtful, intentional planning for this building that will mean so much to so many.

First discussions about expanding the HUB began in January 2017. Chief Financial Officer Mark Reed and I exchanged some thoughts about how the HUB could be remodeled, and we floated a few ideas about a cinema, gaming arena, or a robotics lab. Our previous project, the Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Center for Health Sciences, opened in the fall of 2017, and in January 2018, ESa presented a concept to Moravian involving a future dining hall and expanding the HUB vertically to include new features for student life. In October 2020, ESa presented “Raze and Rebuild” to Moravian’s Board of Trustees, a two-story option and genesis of the current design. In January 2022, a fourth floor with a board room was requested. By February 2024, we landed on the current designs.

Our practice is built upon relationships. We believe architecture is a team sport—just as with the Sally, it is imperative to have User Group input to complete the design. Having worked on campus, we were familiar with the HUB and the need for flexible meeting rooms, technology, food, and the sweet sound of the piano playing in the background. Consistent communication with Facilities and Administration is critical for project success.

Over the years, I have really admired Dr. Bryon Grigsby and enjoyed our conversations relating to the state of student’s well being—most especially their mental health and students entering college after COVID-19. We often talk about architecture representing our time. For example, you can easily spot the science and technology buildings erected during the “Sputnik era” —there was a national pride and urgency to push forward with our understanding of our natural world. Today, we are in a national emotional health crisis. Teens and young adults are suffering the most, and I can think of no other building in our time as important as a student center. The HUB represents the center of student life. It is community, it is comfort and belonging, it is enriching our souls and reaching out to others. We, at ESa, are very proud to be a part of this critically important facility at Moravian University. We are proud of what it represents and hopeful for the many generations of students who will pass through and benefit from its presence.

Thank you, Dr. Grigsby, the Steering Committee, and Facilities for shepherding us through the project and preserving the design features of the building when the budget got tight. In January of 2022, we met to discuss that the building needed to grow with additional programs—we needed to add a floor, and Dr. Grigsby suggested, “and we need some wow.”  We were motivated by this new direction. By the fall, we had a design package and budget estimates. As with most projects, the initial price was more than expected. We spent several months investigating options to reduce the cost. Several items included changing the exterior design and character of the building. We were delighted when President Grigsby rejected the exterior reductions. He knew the vision for the facility would be compromised and the importance the student center provides to the overall campus atmosphere. The Board approved the recommendation, and we proceeded to complete the design. The “wow” had been preserved.

Finally, we are proud to partner with Warfel Construction, who will take over the project now in the building phase. Thank you for allowing ESa to be part of this great adventure and letting us, and architecture, help influence the success of future generations of students here at Moravian.


Dr. Nicole L. Loyd, Executive Vice President for University Life, Chief Operating Officer, and Dean of Students

The running joke is — can Nicole watch a video about the HUB expansion or talk about the new HUB and not cry. I can’t make any promises.

I fell in love with Moravian, I’m not shy about sharing that… and this is my 16th year serving this community. The reason I love this place is because of relationships and people. I believe in our mission and the students we serve, I treasure the authentic ways that we care about one another, and I believe in our President… and the ways Bryon and the trustees shape this institution. 

From my vantage point, all of that is what I see coming to life in our HUB expansion.

It started with the vision that we needed to renovate the HUB, and despite all of the headwinds (the demographic cliff, COVID, I could go on, but I won’t)... The leadership at Moravian - our trustees, the President- knew that we could pull it off and make it work.

And this new building will show our values.  On a fundamental level - it shows that we are student-centered. Many schools exist in the US, but not all are student-centered. Some exist, it often feels, primarily for bragging rights and prestige or athletic dominance… but here, at Moravian, we join together to put all of our students at the center of what we do each and every day. We serve our community… and our world is a better place because of our role in shaping leaders of tomorrow.

I never imagined I’d be part of a project like this, they are rare on college campuses… so I’m thankful for that. And, it takes a village.  The work that goes on behind the scenes to create something special like this building is immense. ESa has been an amazing partner. I have looked forward to every single conversation with them and every on-campus visit from their team. They offered countless listening sessions and made modification after modification to the floor plans so that the feel of the building would match our mission and our community. The building, all by itself, tells a story. 

The thoughtfulness of this building starts on the first floor (the lower level) with a home to a combined health and counseling center. It emphasizes that the foundation of a student experience is good health and getting help when needed. It’s the foundation of the building – I just love the imagery of that.

Then moving onto the “main level” the 2nd floor, we’ve created a vibrant and engaging space that includes a space for the student leaders of clubs and organizations, the Center for Career & Civic Engagement, a DEI satellite office and lounge, several dining locations with different vibes - one with lots of booths and another with large screen tvs and jerseys highlighting our varsity athletic teams, the welcome desk and more. Moving up to the 3rd floor, where it gets a little quieter… you’ll find the veteran and military affiliated student office and lounge, Mo’s Cupboard (our resource pantry), the staff in student life, a commuter lounge complete with lockers, a wellness center and a prayer room; this floor also has an awesome outdoor viewing area for Mak Field, and several meeting rooms. Finally, when you ascend to our top floor, you will be treated to amazing views, outdoor terraces, another viewing area for Mak field, a state of the art Board room for our trustees and governing groups at the University like USG and University Council, and a conference center with multiple break out rooms and necessary catering space.

WOW. Just WOW. How can anyone not fall in love with this place? 

The people, the values, and how that manifests into great buildings that will be the spot for millions of experiences that turn into beloved alumni stories. It sure is a great day to be a hound.