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When opportunity knocks...
When opportunity knocks...
Graduate and Continuing Studies

Business Partnerships & Workforce Development 

When we work together, nothing is impossible.

At Moravian College, we believe that collaboration drives the innovation that leads to success. Strategic partnerships at Moravian College provide your organization with access to learning opportunities, faculty, students, and philanthropic engagement.

    Connect with Moravian College

    There are many ways to partner with Moravian College, including opportunities to educate your employees, expand your talent base, and support future generations of learning and collaboration.

    Professional and Executive Education

    Tuition Discounts are available to our partners. Moravian College can meet the different learning needs of your employees through a wide range of opportunities including:


    Our students are among the brightest and most talented, and they will bring new ideas to your organization. Click here to see how the office of Career and Civic Engagement can support your recruitment efforts. 


    Support our students and faculty through organizational gifts.

    • Scholarships
    • Endowment
    • Facilities
    360° Partnerships
    360° Partnerships

    360° Partnerships

    Moravian College 360° Partnerships represent the highest level of engagement between our most trusted and valued business and community partners. 360° Partners enjoy unparalleled access to and support from the college in the areas of employee learning support, executive training, research, recruitment, and community outreach.

    If you are interested in learning more about these partnerships, please contact:

    Scott Dams
    Dean of Graduate and Adult Enrollment​​​​

    Amy Saul
    Associate Dean of Career and Civic Engagement

    Sylvia Muller Doyle
    Director of Corporate Relations