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Moravian Graduate and CIU 20

HR in Public Schools Specialization

Moravian University and Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 have partnered to offer a Human Resources in Public Schools specialization. Take advantage of this partnership by applying today!

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Program Overview

The HR in Public Schools specialization is the first program of its kind in the Lehigh Valley. This fully online program is designed for the working teacher or administrator, with eight-week courses, evening classes, and synchronous and asynchronous components. Students will gain the industry knowledge necessary for growth and success as an HR professional in a K–12 setting.


This course examines the high priority legal issues in today’s current K-12 HR environment. Working from a basis of laws and regulations governing the employment relationship, students and faculty examine how federal and state legislation, court and administrative decisions, and regulatory processes are changing interviewing, hiring, promotion, performance assessment, termination, diversity, privacy, safety and health, and union-management relations practices in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on analyzing the impact of changes in law and regulations and determining both operational and strategic impacts of those changes on organizational practices.

This course explores labor relations in the K-12 public sector. The course will focus on the legal requirements in Pennsylvania, the process of collective bargaining, the scope of collective bargaining, types of collective bargaining, administration of the collective bargaining agreement and the impact of collective bargaining on the school environment. The course topics will include the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, fact finding, proposal preparation, provision application, data analytics, unfair labor practices, grievances, and arbitrations. In addition, the course will examine the political, social, economic and organizational impact of collective bargaining on the public-school setting.

This course includes an overview of strategy for recruitment and retention in the K-12 public school sector. Various methods for acquiring the critical skills needed to produce products and services are examined in this course. In addition to the traditional staffing topics of recruiting, selecting and retaining employees, outsourcing and importing human resources to meet organizations’ strategic skill and knowledge needs will be examined. Other topics may include equal employment opportunity, human resource planning, determination of staffing needs, internal and external recruitment strategies, selection interviews, tests and assessment procedures, placement, promotion, transfer policies and retention strategies.

This course includes an overview of business strategy and emphasizes the role of public school human resource management for effective strategy implementation. Models of organizational diagnosis and change, reengineering, divesting, merging, acquiring, downsizing, and outsourcing are examined from a strategic and operational human resource perspective. Students will complete a service learning assignment with a not-for-profit organization or small business to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course. (Bartkus)

Why Moravian?

  • All courses count towards ACT 48 hours
  • Small class sizes and a close working relationship with faculty 
  • Begin in fall or spring
  • Our focus is on YOU

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Katie P. Desiderio, MBA, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President, Corporate-Educational Partnerships
Moravian University


Michelle D. Bozzini, Ed.D.

Director of Professional Learning and Curriculum
Division of Administrative and Professional Services
Colonial IU 20