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Moravian University and Fenom Digital

The Marketable Experience You Need to Get Ahead

Moravian University and Fenom Digital are partnering to offer an E-commerce Systems Training Program developed specifically for Moravian and designed to carve a path for students into the system integrations consulting space.

This exciting E-commerce Systems training program allows students to gain a stronger understanding of the systems integration industry through lecture-based learning and hands-on projects, all while earning credit toward their program.  

Benefits of the program include mastering the:

  • Application of “Agile” Systems Development in the Global E-Commerce Consulting space
  • Ability to structure an effective and elite E-Comm System Integration Team
  • Skills necessary to develop successful solutions to common real-world challenges
  • Marketable skills and experience for a thriving industry
Fenom Digital

Students who demonstrate an interest and commitment to pursuing a Salesforce Commerce Cloud certification will be fully supported by Fenom Digital.

Students in the following programs are eligible to take advantage of this unique program:

  • Undergraduate students in any major interested in an Internship experience.


Take advantage of this partnership by applying today!


Jennifer Pagliaroli

Associate Director, Corporate-Education Partnerships


Dylan Runne

Dylan Runne '16

Managing Partner
Fenom Digital