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Business Administration

Varies based on
prior coursework


Varies based on
prior coursework

Flexible Online

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Moravian’s flexible online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BBA) program is designed for learners like you, ready to advance your career, obtain a promotion, or command the higher salary you deserve. With prior working experience, you will already be ahead in this program that will sharpen your leadership skills, develop your business acumen, and help you build an entrepreneurial mindset to meet the demands of tomorrow’s digital economy. What’s more, we designed this program to fit the reality of your life, keeping in mind your already busy lifestyle—you can transfer up to 90 credits from an accredited institution!

Why a Bachelor’s in Business Administration?

  • Fully online courses with real-time instruction once a week
  • Immerse yourself in experiential learning and gain real-world applications
  • Learn from professionals at the top of their respective fields

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Admission Requirements

Complete our free online application, request your official transcripts, and prepare your résumé. Additional requirements may apply.

Course Curriculum

Explore the courses you’ll be taking on the path to earning your BBA. Our curriculum employs the use of case studies, simulations, and industry-related projects to give you hands-on experience. Flexible and focused, these courses will be the catalyst for your continued career success. You’ll dive into courses such as Digital Transformation in Business, Managerial Finance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing in a Digital World, and more. Depending on your prior coursework, you may not be required to take all 32 courses, significantly reducing the duration of this program.

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General Education Foundational Requirements - LinC
BUSI 100Design Your Professional Life
COMP 100College Writing
MAST 107Introductory Statistics (F2)
GBS 100Global Sustainability (lab) (F4)
 Foreign Language I (Acadeum) (F3)
 Foreign Language II (Acadeum) (F3)
Multidisciplinary Requirements - LinC
HST 113US History I (M1)
BUSI 115Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (M3)
ECOS 152Economic Principles (M4)
 Acadeum - Cultural Values and Global Issues (M5)
 Acadeum - Aesthetic Expression (M6)
BUSI 355Digital Ethics (U2)
Business & Digital Core Requirements
BMGT 223Principles of Leadership and Management
BUSI 240Business Communications
MARK 271Marketing in a Digital World
BUSI 225Digital Transformation in Business
ACTS 157Accounting Principles
FINS 231Financial Analysis & Planning
BUSI 410Supply Chain Management
BMGT 326Project Management
BUSI 320Business Law
BUSI 340Design Thinking
BUSI 420E-Commerce
BUSI 450Capstone (WI)
Controlled Electives
PSY 207Development Psychology
BMGT 226Leading People in the Digital Era
MARK 220Writing for Social Media
BUSI 155Business in Society
PHL 107Introduction to Logic
BUSI 415Supply Chain Management II
MGMT 514Technology Entrepreneurship & Venture Creation

Upcoming Start Dates


Start: August 26, 2024

Apply by: August 12, 2024


Start: January 13, 2025

Apply by: December 31, 2024

How to Save Tuition and Time

  1. Prior Learning Credits
    You may qualify to earn undergraduate credits based on your professional work history.
  2. Financial Aid
    Discover the federal financial aid options available to students for many of our programs.
  3. Corporate Partner Benefits
    Are you employed with one of Moravian’s corporate partners? You may qualify for a tuition discount

Career Opportunities

As of 2021, 62.2% of Americans 25 and older do not have a bachelor’s degree. But because most occupations in business and finance require a bachelor’s degree as entry-level education, obtaining your BBA puts you instantly ahead of 62.2% of other candidates, significantly increasing your chances of achieving higher-paying jobs.

With a BBA, you can acquire a job in vastly different industries and fields, including marketing, finance, healthcare, human resources, accounting, and more. The following jobs are examples of positions that are perfect for people with a BBA:

Financial Analyst: +/- $96,220
Human Resources Manager: +/- $130,000
Marketing Manager: +/- 163,700
Project Manager: +/- $95,000
Sales Manager: +/- $130,600