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Now more than ever, we all crave ways to feel fulfilled, avoid burnout, and develop our well-being.  In other words, we would all like to pursue happiness  Join Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, former Harvard University professor, and best-selling author and lecturer for a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to teaching the science of happiness. Tal's Happiness Studies modules are 100% online and can be completed in one year - plus you will earn 3 masters-level credits.  Upon completing the non-credit program you will earn the Certificate in Happiness Studies, equipping you with knowledge and tools to promote happiness in various contexts, including the personal, social, professional, and societal domains. 

Graduates of the HSA Program are granted LIFETIME access to cutting-edge research, educational content, and training materials to foster development and continuing education.

Enrolling now for February cohort!
Total cost: $3,900
Early registration discount available with code: MUEARLY
Earn 3 masters-level credits

Gain immediate access to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar LIVE students' webinars every Thursday.
Automatically become part of the HSA Alumni & Business Club for bonus activities with guest speakers, annual retreats, and more! (no extra fee)

Program Overview

Complete the certificate and earn 3 masters-level credits!

Graduates of the Certificate in Happiness Studies program may enhance their personal lives and careers, in any field of work. Some examples include:

  • Management and Human Resources: The principles of happiness studies enhance an organization’s competitive advantage by creating a positive work culture that highlights employee well-being. This increases productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, and reduces absenteeism and turnover.
  • Education: Incorporating happiness into the curriculum and using happiness-based teaching methods improve student engagement, motivation, and academic performance.
  • Behavioral Health: Happiness interventions and training can be useful tools to help individuals overcome mental health challenges and improve their overall well-being.


  • Introduction to Happiness Studies: An in-depth examination of the interplay between the spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional aspects of life (SPIRE model).
  • Facilitating Happiness: A practical exploration of evidence-based strategies and techniques for enhancing wellbeing.


Earn 40 IF recertification CCEs
30 Core Competencies
10 Resource Development

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Associate Director, Corporate-Education Partnerships
Moravian University