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Anika Buzzy ’25

Parry ’66 & Claire Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund

“Your generosity in funding scholarships here at Moravian means so much to other students and me.”


Hometown: Oneonta, New York 

High school: Oneonta High School 

Major: Nursing

Post-graduate plans: I plan on continuing my education after I receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Why did you choose Moravian: I chose Moravian because the instant I stepped on campus, it felt like home. 

What are you most proud of: I am proud of not letting my grades define who I am as a person. As long as I’m putting in all my effort, I will still be able to achieve my goals. 

One thing you hope to accomplish at Moravian: To be known for being a good role model and person. 

Something learned at Moravian: I have learned how to be independent. 

What do you enjoy most about Moravian: Being on the Women’s Soccer team, as some of my closest friends are on the team. 

On-campus/commuter student: On campus

Favorite class: Chemistry

Favorite book/author: Colleen Hoover

Favorite Moravian tradition: Christmas Vespers

Thank You

I would like to thank you for your generosity in funding scholarships at Moravian University. Being one of four children, college is a big load for my family. Paying for my own schooling, I can't stress enough how much your generosity to this scholarship fund means to me. In my first year at Moravian, I truly learned what it means to be a part of the Moravian community. I am a part of the amazing Nursing program here at Moravian and have loved every second of it so far.