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Bam Noriega S’26

Rev. Walter H. Wagner Intercultural Award Fund

“The idea that someone would contribute to my seminary education, take a risk on me, is a blessing I was not expecting.”


Hometown: Phillipsburg, New Jersey 

High school: Bell Gardens High School 

Major: Masters of Divinity

Post-graduate plans: I am working towards ordination in the MCC denomination to become a Pastor. 

Why did you choose Moravian: I chose Moravian Seminary because of the great experiences I had attending Crossroads at Moravian previously. 

What are you most proud of: Being accepted to attend Moravian Seminary. 

One thing you hope to accomplish at Moravian: I would like to build long-lasting relationships with peers and professors. 

Something learned at Moravian: The diversity in Christianity. 

What do you enjoy most about Moravian: The open and engaging learning environments. 

On-campus/commuter student: Commuter

Favorite class: Rhythms of Ministry 

Favorite book/author: The Africana Bible

Favorite Moravian tradition: Christmas Vespers 

Thank You 

I am extremely grateful to be the recipient of the Rev. Walter H. Wagner Intercultural Award this Fall. It was meaningful to me to be recognized for work that I feel is deeply important for our communities. One of the strongest passions I have is interfaith and intercultural work for the betterment of all peoples, and this award gave me encouragement and support to continue with this work. I am also thankful for the reassurance this award has given me that I am on the right path. This encouragement towards my education strengthens me for fulfilling a call that is not easy to answer. To me, a call to Ministry needs to be validated by others to ensure it is a true call to do God’s work as a vocation. God opens doors if we have the heart to recognize when they are opened for us. Thank you for the opportunity to share the good news of this award with others.