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Barbara Yurchishin ’24

Hillary Benner Scholarship Fund

“I would not be able to have the irreplaceable memories, experiences, and education that only Moravian can give if I did not receive scholarship assistance.”


Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

High school: Liberty High School 

Major: Health Sciences 

Post-graduate plans: I hope to pursue a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology.

Why did you choose Moravian: Growing up in Bethlehem, I always heard many good things about Moravian. 

What are you most proud of: I have recently been hired as an MRI Tech Aid at Lehigh Valley Health Network.

One thing you hope to accomplish at Moravian: I hope to make the most of my time here. 

Something learned at Moravian: I have surprised myself with how resilient I am and what I am capable of. 

What do you enjoy most about Moravian: I feel like I belong and I’m headed towards a bright future. 

On-campus/commuter student: Commuter

Favorite class: Anatomy & Physiology

Favorite book/author: Helen Hoang

Extracurricular activities: University Choir and Women’s Chorus, Sigma Alpha Iota Music Sorority, Pre-Health Club.

Favorite Moravian tradition: Fall Fest and Vespers

Thank You

I am so thankful for this scholarship, for the time it has gifted me at Moravian, and for what it has allowed me to achieve. Growing up, my family never had a lot, even when my parents worked full-time. They sacrificed a lot for my sister and me since they came from nothing and were pretty young when they had us. This explains why I lived in poverty up until I was around eight years old, which is when my dad was able to get a better job. All my life, I've worked hard, and I am very aware of the weight of finances and what it takes to provide for someone else. This is why I was worried about going to college; I knew my parents did not have much to offer me and that I would mostly be on my own. And for that, I will always be grateful.