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Harrison Krauss ’26

Frederic Schwalbe 1908 & Harry J. Trodahl, Sr. ’30, ’33 Endowed Scholarship Fund

“Your gift has helped me continue a long tradition of coming to this wonderful school.”


Hometown: Sister Bay, Wisconsin

High school: Gibraltar High School 

Major: Mathematics 

Post-graduate plans: I plan on being a high school math teacher. 

Why did you choose Moravian: I am a nine-time legacy student at Moravian University and Theological Seminary. My dad, aunt, grandma, and grandpa are all Moravian ministers. 

What are you most proud of: So far, I am proud I graduated Summa Cum Laude in high school. 

One thing you hope to accomplish at Moravian: I hope to become a positive role model for those around me. 

Something learned at Moravian: I’ve learned many people care for me. 

What do you enjoy most about Moravian: I enjoy how close-knit the community is. 

On-campus/commuter student: On campus

Favorite class: Calculus 

Favorite book/author: Philip K. Dick 

Extracurricular activities: Moravian Math Society 

Favorite Moravian tradition: Christmas Vespers 

Thank You 

Growing up with Moravian traditions and roots in Bethlehem helped make the decision to come here easier. Your gift has helped my dream of attending Moravian come to fruition. Your scholarship has introduced me to amazing people and opportunities. I was the manager for the women’s volleyball team with the same coach that coached my mom here 30 years ago. I have enjoyed my classes so far and look forward to the coming years. Thank you so much for your gift that will help me find out who I am meant to be.