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Joshua Follweiler S’24

Christian Lewis Rights Scholarship Fund

Salem Congregation Endowed Scholarship Fund

“During my time at Moravian Theological Seminary, I have found a home, both academically and spiritually.”


Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Major: Master of Divinity 

Post-graduate plans: Parish ministry or a PhD with the potential for a professorship. 

Why did you choose Moravian? As a lifelong Moravian, Moravian Theological Seminary represented the best opportunity for spiritual growth paired with rigorous academics.

What are you most proud of? The amount of knowledge and personal relationships that have been provided by the faculty. 

One thing you hope to accomplish at Moravian: A thesis worthy of publication and a 4.0 GPA.

Something learned at Moravian: Not everything we know about Moravianism is “settled fact,” and much of it is worthy of future study. 

What do you enjoy most about Moravian? The warm atmosphere cultivated by the faculty, staff, and students. 

On-campus/commuter student: On campus 

Favorite class: Moravian History

Favorite book/author: Paul Tillich

Favorite spot on campus: The Saal 

Favorite Moravian tradition: Vespers, Lovefeast, or Communion. Each of these traditions draws us closer to our neighbor and God. 

Thank You

During my time at Moravian Theological Seminary, I have found a home, both academically and spiritually. I have been fortunate to study with an outstanding faculty who encourage, support, and guide my interests. They challenge me to think critically and investigate history and theology, which has kindled the possibility of pursuing further academic studies. Moravian Theological Seminary has equipped me with the tools necessary for success. I am deeply appreciative of my time here at Moravian and cannot thank you enough for the support that made my learning and growth possible.