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Zuri Foell ’25

Eric S. Ruskoski ’69 Endowed Scholarship Fund

“I would not be able to attend this amazing school if I had not been helped by financial aid or scholarships.”


Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

High school: Liberty High School 

Major: English and Studio Art

What is special about your Moravian experience? I have learned to become my own person. Moravian has provided me with different perspectives and opportunities that I did not know existed. 

Career goals and desired profession: My ultimate career goal is to work in the art world in a gallery or open my own one day, or as an art teacher. 

Something learned: I am capable of becoming a sensible and responsible adult. 

Your greatest achievement: Getting through all of my classes and having the confidence to stick to my majors and take risks. 

Favorite class: Painting II

Favorite event: MAC Karaoke Night

Favorite food on campus: Spicy chicken sandwich from the Blue & Grey Cafe

Thank You

I am eternally grateful for those who help students in need, as I believe every person deserves the chance to experience attending college, regardless of their situation. I am so happy to know that my decision to go to Moravian was the best one. I have learned and lived so much within these years as a student. I have grown so much within this community and campus, and I have learned to really love my place here and have found a home here. I would not be able to know what it's like to have this major sense of community if I did not have your support and generosity through this scholarship.