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Graduate Students
Economics and Business

The Moravian MBA Concentrations

In addition to the core courses, students in the Moravian MBA take four courses (12 credits) in a concentration of their choosing. The six available concentrations are:

Human Resource Management

Grounded in the same business strengths as other MBA concentrations, the human resource management (HR) concentration allows students to extend their knowledge into the discipline of HR. The concentration allows students to take courses offered in the Master of Human Resource Management degree program.

Choose four (4) courses from the list below to meet the concentration requirements:

  • MGMT 562 Human Resource Information Systems 
  • MGMT 563 Current Legal Issues in HR
  • MGMT 565 Global Talent Management
  • MGMT 567 Compensation and Benefits
  • MGMT 569 Training and Development Systems
  • MGMT 572 Managing Performance 
  • MGMT 577 Project Planning and Management
  • MGMT 579 Strategic HR Management