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Moravian College
Institutional Policies

ID Cards policy

Your Moravian College ID card is your legal form of identification for Moravian College. It is important that you treat it like your personal credit cards or driver's license. In order to ensure your protection of the Moravian College ID card, please observe the following:

  • The cardholder must be the only person using and possessing the card. You may not send someone with your Moravian College ID card to make purchases or use to access buildings. At point-of-sale registers, your ID photo will appear on the screen when you use your ID card to charge.
  • Report your lost or stolen card to Campus Police immediately in order to protect your funds and accounts on the card. The College will not be responsible for any charges or monies missing or added on the Moravian College ID Card if you fail to report your card lost or stolen to Campus Police.
  • Students seeking a replacement ID should report to the office with another form of photo ID to obtain a new card. A replacement fee of $10.00 will be assessed for any lost ID card. Cards that are damaged or not working properly may be brought to the Office of Campus Police and will be replaced at no charge, provided that the card replaced is the most recently issued card; if it is not, a fee will be applied.
  • If someone else tries to use your Moravian College ID, it will be confiscated by the individual at the point-of-sale and taken to Campus Police. You will be able to claim your ID only from Campus Police.
  • Students are expected to carry their student ID card at all times. It is expected that students will present the card to appropriate personnel upon request. Student ID cards are necessary for dining room access, board plan purchases, library use, ARC use, access to computer labs, and access to residence halls. Students may also be asked to produce their cards in the case of a medical problem or other situation in which rapid identification is critical. Similarly, students may be asked to produce their cards in situations involving alleged violations of institutional regulations or of local, state, or federal laws. Campus Police, residence life staff and other institutional personnel may also request to see a student ID card to identify students when assistance is needed and to identify persons who do not belong on campus.
  • ID cards are the property of the institution and governed by the regulations of the institution. ID cards are non-transferable; are not allowed to be left unattended in a public place accessible by others; and any misuse of the card by its holder or another party may result in disciplinary action.

Questions and concerns about ID cards should be directed to the Office of Campus Police, 610 861-1421. The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.