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As a member of the New American Colleges and Universities consortium, Moravian focuses its academic experience on the purposeful integration of liberal arts education, professional studies, and civic engagement. And we’ve taken things one step further by fully integrating Apple technology into our campus, classrooms, and student life.

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Programs of Study

With more than 70 majors and minors, 40 graduate programs, and a dedicated theological seminary, Moravian students have the freedom and support to explore their passions.

Elevate Your Education

Elevate is a four-year experience that is individually crafted for each undergraduate student in collaboration with their faculty advisor, career strategist, and student success advisor. If you choose to participate in Elevate, you’ll work toward eight career readiness badges that focus on the core competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. If you complete all eight badges prior to graduation, you’ll be eligible for Moravian’s Career Promise!

Undergraduate Research

At Moravian University, we prioritize hands-on learning and believe research opportunities should not be confined to an academic program or degree type. Our undergraduate students can dive right into research projects with senior faculty members, so they can explore their areas of interest right from the start.

Experiential Learning

The academic opportunities at Moravian University span far beyond the classroom. Our students have participated in ecological research in Oregon, received Fulbright Fellowships to teach for a year in Spain, and spent their summers interning at Tiffany's & Co. Where will Moravian take you?

Study Abroad

Moravian offers faculty-led study abroad programs, plus partnerships with exchange programs and international institutions. Go abroad for a few weeks, a whole semester, or even a year.


With a focus on experiential learning, Moravian University is committed to helping students pursue internships, externships, and co-ops that will enhance their educational experience.

Humanities Fellows

Supports the talents and interests of students who have passion for both the humanities and social justice, and who wish to make this central to their Moravian experience.

Advising & Support

Moravian University offers services dedicated to improving academic accessibility, supporting faculty in advising efforts, and developing programs to improve student writing, learning, and engagement.

Faculty Stories

Natasha Woods

Assistant Professor of Biology

I started conducting research as an undergraduate in college, and I realized that what we learn about in science books, someone took the time to investigate.

Shari and Stephen Dunham

Associate Professors of Chemistry

Undaunted by the dramatic shift in teaching caused by COVID-19, the Dunhams looked to the college’s array of digital tools to recreate their active-learning sessions through Zoom.

Sonia Aziz

Associate Professor Of Economics

My current research involves the socio-economic valuation of tracking cholera using earth observations.

Kin Cheung

Assistant Professor Of Asian Religions

I am fascinated by the complexity of rich philosophical-religious traditions like Buddhism because of how people use religion.