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Academic Opportunities

The academic opportunities at Moravian University span far beyond the classroom. Our students participate in underwater research in Oregon, receive Fulbright Fellowships to teach for a year in Spain, and spend their summers interning at Tiffany's & Co. Where will Moravian take you?

Civic Engagement

Our civic engagement opportunities aim to develop leaders in service to the common good. This active citizenship instills a strong connection to civic engagement in academic disciplines, the community, and the campus.

Fellowships & Scholarships

The Fellowship Program’s mission is to closely support students in selecting, applying to, and successfully completing the application process for fellowships, awards, and scholarships.

Honors Program

As a senior, you can pursue a year-long study of special interest under the personal guidance of a faculty member who serves as the honors project advisor.

Fellowship students

Humanities Fellowship Program

Moravian University's Humanities Fellowship provides students the chance to expand their worldview on a variety of topics and develop essential skills for a well-rounded education and broad range of employment opportunities. 


With a focus on experiential learning, Moravian University is committed to helping students pursue internships, externships, and co-ops that will enhance their educational experience.

Peace Corp Preparation Program

The Moravian University Peace Corps Preparation Program (PCPP) is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to serve in the Peace Corps.


The ROTC program cultivates the skills and opportunities to pursue a career as a commissioned Officer in the US Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard upon graduation.


The goal of the Student Opportunities for Academic Research program is to facilitate undergraduate student research in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Group studying abroad in Spain

Study Abroad

Moravian University offers faculty-led study abroad programs across the globe, plus partnerships with international institutions and exchange programs. Go abroad for a few weeks, a whole semester, or even a year—it’s up to you!

Programs for First-Year Students

Professor Connect  

Moravian’s Professor Connect is a 16-week experience during which curious and ambitious first-year students from all backgrounds are invited to work with and be mentored by select Moravian faculty. During their first semester at Moravian, students in the Professor Connect experience will engage with a faculty member on research projects, creative work, or class production, and meet weekly for mentorship, academic guidance, and reflection. Students do not need any special knowledge or skills in the field of the professor's scholarship or creative work. This experience does not count for academic credit.


Add-Venture allows highly motivated first-year students to design their own degree program. This specialized academic plan, created for students who are interested in two or more majors, can accommodate up to 30 students per class. It’s ideal for students who would otherwise have a difficult, if not impossible schedule to complete in a typical four-year plan. Accepted students entering Moravian in the fall should apply for the Add-Venture program online by April 1.

Advance Into Moravian (AIM)

Moravian's pre-college student success program is a three-week-long course that focuses on the key areas critical to a student’s success in college, such as study skills and college expectations. Selected students gain an introduction to campus life and the Moravian community and a genuine jumpstart to a college education while earning college credit.

1742 Experience

This hands-on learning program brings students to campus one week prior to first-year orientation to build relationships with classmates and to develop a commitment to service and leadership for the common good. Over the course of the program, participants volunteer at many area non-profit organizations and schools, as well as participate in fun team-building activities.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship

Each year, select incoming freshmen are invited to apply for an Emerging Leaders Scholarship. The students who receive the competitive scholarship take part in a seminar experience during the fall semesters of the freshman and sophomore years. The foci of the seminar are (a) to learn about topics in leadership for the common good, (b) to participate in out-of-class sessions with faculty and students, and (3) to engage in group service projects. During the sophomore year, the Emerging Leaders take on a mentoring role for the first year Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders also receive priority consideration for the LeaderShape Institute.

Questions about the Emerging Leaders program should be directed to Dr. Michelle Schmidt at