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Add-Venture Program

This unique program of study was designed for first-year students who have a clear sense of direction and a good idea of their educational goals. This program appeals especially to students whose interests are wide-ranging and who wish to study two or more fields in depth, making it difficult, if not impossible, to otherwise complete the usual degree requirements in four years.

The Add-Venture Program is open to only 20 incoming first-year students each year. The application includes a series of questions articulating the student's educational and/or professional goals with an explanation of how this program will help them achieve those goals. The application is due by April 1 for students entering Moravian in the fall. Selection is made by a committee which bases its decision on the application, SAT scores, and high school records of each applicant. Each student selected for participation in this program is matched with a faculty mentor who will work closely with the student throughout his or her stay at Moravian.

The student and mentor jointly design a unique course of study which incorporates certain core elements. Otherwise, Add-Venture students are free to pick the courses they like, with the mentor's certification that the chosen courses promote the goals identified in the plan of study. These students may select their courses from within any department at Moravian, creating an individualized course of study to develop the skills and talents they need most, even if that plan doesn't match the established norms of the Moravian College curriculum.

Interested students must indicate their desire to participate at the time they apply to Moravian. This will be their only opportunity to enter the program, and they will receive additional information on how to submit their Add-Venture application in their acceptance packet. More than 500 students have designed their own programs of study through the Add-Venture Program, providing the tools for its graduates to go on to careers and graduate studies uniquely suited to their desires, goals, and personal skills and talents.

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