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Faculty member working with student

Professor Connect

First-Year Student Mentoring Program

Moravian’s Professor Connect is a 16-week experience during which curious and ambitious first-year students from all backgrounds are invited to work with and be mentored by select Moravian faculty.

During their first semester at Moravian, students in the Professor Connect experience will engage with a faculty member on research projects, creative work, or class production, and meet weekly for mentorship, academic guidance, and reflection. This is a perfect chance for students to explore their passions and learn about the academic opportunities at Moravian. 

Students do not need any special knowledge or skills in the field of the professor's scholarship or creative work. We invite students of all areas of study, including and especially welcoming those who are exploring their academic options. This experience does not count for academic credit. 

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You must meet the following requirements to participate in Professor Connect: 

  • Be an incoming first-year student
  • Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0
  • Able to commit 2-3 hours per week during the fall semester
  • Have decided on your major or are still exploring your options and passions
  • Have a curious and open mind

If you are interested in participating in Professor Connect or have any questions, please contact Analisha Anthony, Associate Director of Admission & Multicultural Recruitment, at 610-861-1320 or

Professor Profiles

Anastasia Thévenin


Assistant Professor of Biology
Expertise: Cancer Biology 
Current Project: Science Children’s Books
What you’ll be doing: Help with outreach events at local schools and with curating the book collection. In addition, you’ll learn about Dr. Thévenin’s biochemistry and cancer biology research by shadowing her senior research students.

Find out more about Dr. Thévenin and her work >

Angela Fraleigh

Angela Fraleigh

Professor of Art
Expertise: Intersectional feminist read of art history, painting, and drawing. 
Current Project: Site-specific exhibition at the Weatherspoon Art museum inspired by the famous collecting Cone sisters 
What you’ll be doing: Participate in weekly meetings with other students collecting and interpreting various forms of visual language. You’ll attend mentoring sessions and experimental studio practices that may include printmaking, paper making, digital processes for an interactive digital video, painting, drawing, and more. 

Find out more about Professor Fraleigh and her work >

Michelle Schmidt

Michelle Schmidt

Professor of Psychology
Expertise: Developmental Psychology, co-authored the book Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence (2012)
Current Project: Friendship Across the Lifespan
What you’ll be doing: Along with more senior students, you’ll attend weekly lab meetings and learn about the nature of psychological data and scientific writing within the sub-discipline of developmental psychology.

Find out more about Dr. Schmidt and her work >

Heikki Lempa

Heikki Lempa

Professor of History
Expertise: History of the body, history of emotions, most recently author of the book Spaces of Honor (2021)
Current project: A book-length study on a Global History of the German Dance, Sports, and Medicine 
What you’ll be doing: Join a team of students collecting materials for the upcoming book, and a class on the history of the body. You’ll attend weekly individual mentoring meetings with Dr. Lempa. 

Find out more about Dr. Lempa and his work

Karen D. Groller

Karen Groller

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Expertise: Obesity management, cardiac/vascular nursing, new media pedagogy in health education, multimodal writing
Current projects: Scoping review evaluating how weight influences the health status of young adults; cross-sectional study assessing the patient education process for patients undergoing bariatric surgery pre- and post-COVID pandemic; and development and evaluation of multimodal writing projects focused on health education. 
What you’ll be doing: You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to one of Dr. Groller’s projects and use your technology to create and disseminate knowledge and maximize your productivity while broadening your own skillset.

Find out more about Dr. Groller and her work


Analisha M. Anthony

Associate Director of Admission & Multicultural Recruitment

Heikki Lempa

Professor of History