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The Department of Mathematics at Moravian College is composed of faculty who strive for student-centered learning experiences.

Nate Shank

Nathan Shank | Professor of Mathematics, Department Chair and Chair of Mathematics Program

Office location: SMC 344
Office phone: 610-861-1373

Ph.D. Mathematics, Lehigh University

Research interests and expertise

Nathan Shank joined the faculty starting in 2006.  His research interests include analysis, probability, graph theory, and network reliability.  He is particularly interested in network reliability measures and connectivity parameters for different classes of graphs. Dr. Shank uses a teacher-scholar model to blend research and teaching in a collaborative effort between faculty and students.  Dr. Shank enjoys working with students on research projects, Honors projects, SOAR projects, independent studies, and engaging groups of students throughout the LVAIC community. 


Brenna Curley

Brenna Curley | Assistant Professor of Statistics

Office location: SMC 339
Office phone: 610-625-7738

Ph.D. Statistics, Iowa State University

Research interests and expertise
Brenna Curley joined the department in 2016. Her current research focuses on linear and nonlinear measurement error models with applications to nutrition data. In general, her area of interests focuses on applied statistical problems. For example, she has worked on analyses related to World Cup data, Jeopardy! data, and has also advised an Honors project on analyzing student success data. She enjoys teaching the introductory statistics course for non-majors as well as the upper-level probability and statistics sequence.


Michael Fraboni

Michael Fraboni | Professor of Mathematics

Office location: SMC 341
Office phone: 610-861-1605
Links: Dr. Fraboni's webpage

Ph.D. Mathematics, Lehigh University

Research interests and expertise
Michael Fraboni joined the department in 2002. His areas of interest include graph theory and combinatorial game theory. Typical first year courses he teaches include courses from the calculus sequence and the elementary statistics course. He teaches primarily analysis courses in the upper level category including real, complex, and numerical analysis as well as the Senior Seminar. Dr. Fraboni has organized the department’s annual undergraduate mathematics conference for the past several years. He has advised students undertaking SOAR research projects and Honors projects.


Kevin Hartshorn

Kevin Hartshorn | Associate Professor of Mathematics & Dean of Student Success

Office location: SMC 348
Office phone: 610-861-1374

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley

Research interests and expertise

Kevin Hartshorn has been at the college since 2004. His area of interests include low-dimensional topology, geometry, and connections of mathematics to art – particularly mathematical questions connected to origami. In addition to the standard battery of calculus courses, he has taught a broad range of upper-level courses, including higher geometry, numerical analysis, and abstract algebra.. He has also been involved in courses reaching out to non-mathematics students, including Mathematics for Design, Mathematics for Elementary Teaching, first year writing seminar, mathematical origami, and Ethnomathematics. He is currently Dean of Student Success, overseeing academic advising, academic support, and disability services to better support the academic progress of Moravian students.


Trisha Moller

Trisha Moller | Lecturer of Mathematics

Office location:  SMC 338

Ph.D. Mathematics, Lehigh University



Leigh Nataro

Sidney Leigh Nataro | Lecturer of Statistics

Office location:  SMC 350
Office Phone:  610-625-7932

Master of School Mathematics, Iowa State University

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Teacher Certification, Messiah College




Fred Schultheis

Fred Schultheis | Professor of Mathematics

Office location: SMC 342
Office phone: 610-861-3925

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Michigan

Research interests and expertise
Fred Schultheis has been at Moravian since 1985. His primary area of expertise is algebraic number theory and he is interested in algebraic geometry and the history of mathematics. Prof. Schultheis has taught most of the courses in mathematics but typically teaches Modern Algebra and Differential Equations. He has been writing for Mathematical Reviews for several years. Several years ago he received start-up funding from the college to develop a mathematics colloquium which has become a regular feature of the department.


shannon Talbott

Shannon Talbott | Associate Professor of Mathematics

Office location: SMC 340
Office phone: 610-861-1573
Links: Dr. Talbott's webpage

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Iowa

Research interests and expertise
Dr. Shannon Talbott received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 2012. Her main research focus is in representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. She is also involved in programs to promote diversity in STEM such as SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) and USTARS (Underrepresented Students in Topology and Algebra Research Symposium).


Debra Ward

Debra Ward | Lecturer of Mathematics

Office location:  SMC 345
Office phone:  610-625-7776

Masters of Mathematics, Kutztown University 

Mrs. Ward taught mathematics at Northampton Area High School for 35 years before accepting a position at Moravian College.




Laurie Lefurge

Laurie Lefurge | Office Assistant


Office location:  SMC 351
Office phone:  610-861-1335



Emeriti Faculty

  • Alicia Sevilla (2013) Professor of Mathematics 
  • Kay B. Somers (2013) Professor of Mathematics
  • Doris J. Schattschneider (2002) Professor of Mathematics
  • Mohamed M. Bugaighis (2001) Professor of Mathematics
  • Marialuisa N. McAllister (2001) Professor of Mathematics
  • Johanna S. Ott (1986) Associate Professor of Mathematics  
  • Ruth R. Hailperin (1983) Professor of Mathematics