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An undergraduate major in mathematics can lead to promising career prospects, with about 82,000 new jobs expected in the occupation by 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In Moravian University’s Mathematics Program, you can customize your career path by choosing from three academic tracks: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and actuarial sciences. And with new courses being developed each year, a flexible curriculum allowing for double majors, and faculty-student research opportunities, your educational experience at Moravian can lead you to graduate school, professional work, or even teaching post-graduation.

Why Major in Math?

Mathematicians and statisticians have a variety of fascinating job opportunities, jobs that pay well and have high satisfaction ratings. CareerCast 2021 Jobs Rated report ranks the best jobs and bases findings on income, growth outlook, work environment, and stress. Among the top ten are:

#1 Data Scientist
#3 Statistician
#5 Mathematician
#7 Operations Research Analyst
#9 Actuary

Choose Your Track

Pure Mathematics

For students who are seeking a broad mathematical background, Pure Mathematics provides the quantitative and analytical skills ideal for graduate school or education certification.

Applied Mathematics

Students majoring in Applied Mathematics will develop the strong math foundation required to solve real-world problems. This is ideal for students interested in business, industry, or graduate school in applied mathematics.

Actuarial Sciences

The Actuarial Sciences major prepares students to become actuaries, professionals who analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty. Students will be prepared to take Exam P and FM (the first two actuarial exams).

Research Opportunities

Students in the Mathematics department regularly take part in individualized experiences to help them develop as mathematicians. Opportunities include the Honors Program, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), Independent Studies, and Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR).

Our Annual Events

Moravian University Student Mathematics Conference

This one-day event is a fantastic opportunity for students from around the region to present their work and be inspired by their fellow undergraduate colleagues, stepping outside of each college campus to join a greater math community.

Student Scholarship Day

Students who have engaged in independent research are invited each spring to participate in talks, presentations, and poster sessions. The campus community is encouraged to attend and discover the research being conducted across the university.

Moravian Math Matters (M3)

Every spring, M3 brings local high-school students to campus to experience math in the world. These students get to work with our faculty members in small workshops to explore interesting aspects of mathematics. Through this outreach event, we promote higher math education and share ideas about what students can do with a mathematics degree.

Discrete Mathematics Days 

Hosted by the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent College (LVAIC), Discrete Math Days are held at least once a semester, allowing Moravian students to present their work to students and faculty from other LVAIC institutions.

Contact Us

Are you interested in being a math major or minor? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have.