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The mathematics department at Moravian University offers a wide range of courses for students interested in teaching, in graduate school, or in professional work upon graduation. With new courses developed each year, a flexible curriculum, and individualized courses based on student interest, the mathematics major is both a strong primary major and the perfect complement to any double major. Choose from three tracks: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and actuarial mathematics. 

Discover Your Brilliance.

At Moravian University, we won't stand in your way. After all, we have a long history of being a little groundbreaking ourselves—and now it’s your turn.




Department Stories

Rey Anaya

Meet Our Math Majors

Find out what life as a math major at Moravian is really like!


Upcoming / Recent Events

Join the mathematics community for some exciting events this semester! Everyone is invited to participate.

SOAR Project

In her summer SOAR project, "Analyzing Partisan Combinatorial Games," Makkah Davis '18 worked with Mathematics Chair Dr. Nate Shank, on a game theory project.

Spotlight 20/20

"My favorite spot on campus is anywhere I can bring some tea and sit and chat with other people!" —Dr. Shannon Talbott, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mathematical Musings

Dr. Kevin Hartshorn, former department chair and current Dean of Student Success, talks geometry, projects, and the place of math in history and the liberal arts.

Quick Facts

12th highest paying

Mathematics is the 12th highest paying college major in the first 5 years after graduation.


Mathematics jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 28.2% for the next 10 years while the national average for all occupations rests at 6.5%.