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The Schattschneider Mathematics and Computer Science Prize

The purpose of the Fund is to provide an annual financial award to an upper-class woman majoring in either Mathematics or Computer Science. The donor’s intent is for the award to help support either an undergraduate research opportunity or help fund the awardee’s initial year in graduate school. The awardee will be selected in accordance with the conditions outlined in the Fund's Governing Statement and based on the department's overall evaluation of the student's interest and ability to succeed based on their cumulative undergraduate experience. This includes, but is not limited to, their academic coursework, research experience, and involvement in the department, university, and broader mathematics/computer science community. The awardee will be selected in March, included in the Award Ceremony for Outstanding Students, and recognized in the Commencement Program.


  • 2023   Cecilia Zimmerli
  • 2022   Gabrielle Demchak
  • 2021   Emma Miller
  • 2020  Emily Bolger

The Marlyn A. Rader Memorial Prize in Mathematics

The recipient of the award must have completed at least six courses in mathematics at the University, including at least one 300-level course, and be among the top students whose mathematics cumulative grade point average is 3.7 or above. Normally, the recipient will be a senior.  


  • 2023 Gabrielle Demchak and Calum Taft-Lockard
  • 2022 Dominic DeRafelo
  • 2021 Kylie Norwood and Peter Gingrich
  • 2020 Alvaro Belmonte and Steven Berger
  • 2019 Bryan Harvey
  • 2018 Brittany Strausser
  • 2017 Devon Vukovich
  • 2016 Tessa Haney
  • 2015 David Yerger
  • 2014 Alek Szlagyi & Alicia Altemose
  • 2013 Steve Scheirer
  • 2012 Andrew Watson and Chris Kieszack
  • 2011 Hannah Yang and Brian Hunscher
  • 2010 Allison (Bruckart) Lauderman
  • 2009 James Long
  • 2008 Rebecca (Angstadt) Roche and Rachael Todd
  • 2005 Jamie (Steigerwalt) Lobdell and Megan McKee
  • 2000 Laurie Sibbach Morgus 
  • 1999 Erik Csikos