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Student Outcomes & Alumni

Mathematicians and statisticians have a variety of fascinating job opportunities, jobs that pay well and have high satisfaction ratings.

Job Satisfaction

CareerCast 2018 Jobs Rated report ranks the best jobs and bases findings on income, growth outlook, work environment and stress. Among the top ten are

#2 Mathematician
#3 University Professor
#5 Statistician
#7 Data Scientist
#9 Operations Research Analyst
#10 Actuary

Job Opportunities

Statisticians have the opportunity to work in many interesting fields: Sports, Medicine and Health, Ecology and the Environment, Business and Finance, or Politics and Government. Learn more about careers in statistics at

Mathematicians have the ability to apply their skills in a variety of ways such as education, research, or bringing their skill set to science, business, finance, engineering, etc. Some possible fields: Astronomy and space exploration, Climate study, Medicine, National security, Robotics, Animated films. The American Mathematical Society (AMS) has information on careers, jobs, internships, etc. on their Career Information page.

Jobs that require an undergraduate degree in mathematics:

  • Operations Research Analysis
  • Cryptography
  • Actuarial Science
  • Math Education
  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Research Analysis

Jobs that usually require a higher degree in mathematics or statistics

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Geodesist
  • Meteorology
  • Mathematics at Research Laboratories (like Sandia)
  • Data Science
  • Astronomy


Found on Payscale

Based on years in job:

Years in job Average Salary
<1 year $53,436
1-4 years $61,711
5-9 years $80,355

Based on job:

Job Average Salary
Data Analyst $56,367
Data Scientist $90,195
Actuarial Analyst $61,773
Mathematics Teacher $47,911
Actuary $86,808
Financial Analyst $56,082
Statistician $84,440

Additional Salary information for Statisticians (in Academia, Business, Industry, or Government) can be found at the American Statistical Association (ASA) webpage.

Moravian Alumni

Below are some places that recent alumni from the Mathematics program have gone.

  • Graduate School
    • Lehigh University, PhD in Mathematics
    • Drexel Univ., PhD in Mathematics
    • University of Delaware, PhD in Mathematics
    • Villanova University, MS in Statistics
    • University of Florida, MS in Mathematics
    • Other Disciplines with Mathematics Major
      • Penn State
      • Temple
      • UCSB
      • Princeton
  • Data Analysis
    • Propensity4, Intern-Data Analyst/Statistician
    • NBC-TV, Business Intelligence Analyst, Yoh Contractor
    • Mathematica Policy Research, Program Analyst
    • Dun & Bradstreet, Project Manager
  • Healthcare
    • Encoda, LLC., Agile Analyst
    • St. Luke's University Health Network, Reimbursement Analyst
  • Finance
    • Morgan Stanley, Manager
    • Mars Inc., Financial Operation Specialist
    • Broadridge Financials
    • Selective Insurance Company of America
  • Guardian Insurance, Implementative Technology Representative
  • Vincodo, Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Ten-X, Client Manager
  • Stellar TechnologySolutions, Financial Accountant, BPO
  • ADP Inc., Account Manager
  • Lutron Electronics, Estimating Team Member
  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Project Handler
  • Teaching/Education
    • Osseo Area Schools, Abbington Heights School District
    • Bethlehem Area School District - Broughal Middle School
    • Lehigh Carbon Community College
    • Bethlehem Area School District - Spring Garden Elementary School
    • Palmyra Area School Dist. - Palmyra Area High School
    • Hackettstown Board of Education - Hackettstown High School (only some examples) 

National Jobs

  • Over 70% of employers want new hires to have problem-solving skills. 63% seek analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Mathematics is the 12th highest paying college major in the first 5 years after graduation. STEM majors took the top 14 spots on this list.
  • MATHEMATICS job growth rate of 28.2% for next 10 years (fastest growth rate for STEM disciplines). National average for all occupations is 6.5%.
  • 93% STEM occupations have wages above national average
  • Fastest growing bachelor’s degree STEM occupations (next 10 years):
         #1 Statisticians
         #2 Operations Research Analysts
         #6 Mathematicians
         #9 Actuaries