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Sandra Aguilar

Sandra Aguilar

Dr. Sandra Aguilar

Associate Professor of History

Office: Comenius Hall 302
Phone: 610-625-7957


  • B.A., Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Mexico
  • M.Phil, University of Oxford
  • Ph.D., University of Manchester

Teaching: I offer courses in colonial and modern Latin American and Mexican history. I also teach seminars of race, food, class and gender in Latin America. 

Current Research: My research explores food and foodways from the perspective of women by looking at nutrition discourses and daily practices in Mexico between 1920-1960. I emphasize how cooking and eating became an arena to define and transform the working class, and the implications of this process to the reproduction of race and gender. 

Selected Publications

Articles, Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries:

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Book Reviews:

  • Review of Germán Patiño Ossa, "Black Cookstove: Meditations of Literature, Culture, and Cuisine in Colombia", Confluencia, 37:1, (fall) 2021.
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