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The History Club invites you to join their 2015 Tuesday Talks at 12:15 p.m. Please bring your lunch. 

October 30: Moravian Bookstore Ghost Tour 
October 20: Alumna Ruby Johnson The Sisters of Zion: Mormon Women's Political Lives 
October 6: Dr. Keshodkar Avoiding Incarceration During Field Work
September 15: Dr. Paxton A Sabbatical Journey: Creole Landscapes 

The 10th Annual Undergraduate Conference of Medieval & Early Modern Studies to be held at Moravian College in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex. For more information go to

10-1-15 through 11-6-15
Call for Papers! Registration and proposals may be submitted beginning October 1 for the 10th Annual Undergraduate Conference of Medieval & Early Modern Studies. Registration deadline is November 30, 2015.

Dr. Akbar Keshodkar organized a large international workshop "Cosmopolitan Currents in the Indian Ocean: New Conceptual Models for Studying Cultural Integration and Change," at the New York University Abu Dhabi Institute Conference Center, March 15-17, 2015. His also gave a paper on "Hope, Trade and Mobility in Neoliberal Zanzibar.”

Dr. Keshodkar’s article “Who Needs China When You Have Dubai? The Role of Networks and Engagement of Zanzibaris in Transnational Indian Ocean Trade,” came out in Journal of Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development, 43 (1,2,3): 105-142.

Dr. Keshodkar published “Contesting ‘Purity’ and Zones of Inclusion and Exclusion among the Gujarati in Contemporary Zanzibar,” in Sharmina Mawani and Anjoom Mukadam (eds.). Globalisation, Diaspora and Belonging: Exploring Transnationalism and Gujarati Identity. New Delhi: Rawat, 2014, 169-189.

Dr. Robert Stinson’s novel, Love and Death on Public Radio, a murder mystery and satire on public broadcasting came out Spring 2015. The book is based on his career as a history professor, a classical music broadcaster, and a singer in Nativity Cathedral Choir of Bethlehem.

Dr. Heikki Lempa presented a paper “On Classical. Rethinking the Place and Meaning of the Long Nineteenth Century in  German History” at the Thirty-Eight Annual Meeting of the German Studies Association, September 18-21, 2014 in Kansas City, MO.

Dr. Lempa was nominated to the Program Committee of the German Studies Association at the annual meeting of the GSA in Kansas City. He is also currently a co-coordinator of the Emotion Studies Network for the German Studies Association.

Mike Hofmann ‘15 contributed to the book: Slatington at 150 Years: More Stories to Share; the first sports history of Slatington/Northern Lehigh High School. He also assisted with family histories, researching the automobile industry in Slatington, and a variety of church and cemetery histories in the Slatington vicinity.