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History Faculty

 Sandra Aguilar



Sandra Aguilar | Associate Professor and Department Chair

Office location: Comenius Hall 302
Office phone: 610-625-7957

Ph.D., University of Manchester

Research interests and expertise
Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Latin America, particularly Mexico. I am currently working on a book manuscript entitled “Cooking Modernity: Food, Gender, and Class in Mid-Twentieth Century Mexico.” This work situates women, the kitchen, and food at the forefront of the modernization process by examining women’s agency at home and the failure of nutrition programs in Mexico.

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Richard Anderson | Assistant Professor of Practice in Public History 

Office location: Comenius Hall 301
Office phone: 

Ph.D., Princeton University

Research interests and expertise

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Sandy Bardsley | Professor

Office location: Comenius Hall 303
Office phone: 610-861-1398

Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research interests and expertise
I am co-author with Judith M. Bennett of the 12th edition of Medieval Europe: A Short History (July 2020, Oxford University Press). I am currently interested in the ways in which archaeological remains provide us with data about women's and men's health in late medieval England. I have published on sex ratios, attitudes towards women's speech, women's wages, and women's status in the middle ages.

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Jane Berger | Associate Professor

Office location: Comenius Hall 308
Office phone: 610-861-1402

Ph.D.,The Ohio State University

Research interests and expertise
Modern U.S. history. Topics of my courses include politics and protest, race and citizenship, women’s history, and recent U.S. history. I am currently working on a book on the historical causes of late twentieth century urban poverty in the United States.

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Heikki Lempa | Professor of History, Priscilla Payne Hurd Chair in the Arts and Humanities        

Office location: Comenius Hall 307
Office phone: 610-861-1315

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Research interests and expertise
I am a co-editor with Derek Hillard and Russell Spinney of Feelings Materialized. Emotions, Bodies, and Things in Modern Germany (Berghahn Books, 2020). My book, Spaces of Honor. Making Civil Society in Germany, 1700-1914 is forthcoming with University of Michigan Press. I am currently interested in understanding how German sports, medicine, and dance were influenced by global entanglements, 1700-1914. I have published on German educational reform, the history of the body, and history of emotions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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Curriculum Vitae 


Jamie Paxton | Associate Professor 

Office location: Comenius Hall 306
Office phone: 610-625-7897

Ph.D., Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Research interests and expertise
I offer courses in early American and Antebellum US history as well as the history of First People. I am currently working on a book manuscript tentatively titled, "Kinship, Communities, and Covenant Chains: The Mohawks and Their Neighbors in New York and Upper Canada, 1712-1830." My work examines how Mohawks, one of the Six Nations, incorporated Europeans into kinship networks and how the resultant communities persisted for more than a century in New York and, after the Revolution, Upper Canada (Ontario).

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