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History Department


The past—yours, ours, the world's—holds both some of life's greatest mysteries as well as answers (or at least clues) to the most puzzling of problems. Our program in history acquaints you with the nature of historical inquiry and the antiquity and variety of human experience. Instead of relying solely on factual narratives, you'll focus on the analysis of primary sources, understanding history as a contested field of interpretations, and the skills of producing histories. The history major prepares you to enter careers and graduate study in a variety of fields, including teaching and research, education, museums and historical restoration, library work, journalism, business, law and public service.

Featured Project: Virtual History Cookbook

Most members of our Hist 290: Experimental Archaeology decided on food-related projects for their "Experimental Archaeology at Home" assignments. In addition to virtual recipes, our students were required to make and photo-document the dishes they chose. And it is perfectly legitimate in Experimental Archaeology for something to "fail" in the sense of being too weird for modern tastes!

History Department Chair

Dr. Jane Berger
Associate Professor and
Department Chair
Phone: 610-861-1398