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History Internships

Paxton with student


Moravian University history majors are now required to complete an internship during their undergraduate study. History 288: Internship in History, will support and guide you as you reflect on your experiences as an intern. In addition to completing at least eight hours of field work per week, you'll meet as a group once per week and share thoughts about readings, careers in history and experiences in internships. By pooling these experiences, you’ll get a broader sense of the range of possibilities for history interns than you would glean from your experience alone.

An internship is an academic enrichment program that takes history student into the frontiers of historical work. Internships consist of both practical work and academic work. Depending on the setting the practical work could include transcription of letters, organization of collections, background checking for relevant historical items or collections, collection of relevant information through oral interviews, and surveys. The academic work consists of two well-written reports, each of which has to be at least 8 pages long. Whereas the first report is a journal of the student’s overall experience and relevant thoughts, the second report should include a structured account of the student’s specific project and its results.

Moravian Church Archives
Historic Bethlehem Partnership
National Museum of Industrial History
   - Norwalk Steam Engine: Its History and Restoration
   - The History and Restoration of Linde-Wolff Ammonia Compressor