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Rebecca Malinski

Rebecca Malinski

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office: PPHAC 310
Phone: 610-625-7763


Ph.D.: Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
M.A.: Sociology, Ohio University

B.A.: Sociology/Criminology, Ohio University

Teaching/Research Profile

Teaching: Dr. Malinski’s course offerings are concentrated in the areas of criminology and criminal justice. In particular, she teaches courses on social structure and crime, juvenile delinquency, cyber-deviance, and criminological theory.

Research: Youth violence and victimization, bullying and school-based victimization, cyberbullying and cyber-deviance, research methods (particularly as they relate to the study of crime and victimization).

Dr. Malinski is primarily interested in the impact that crime and the criminal justice system have on children and adolescents. Specifically, she is interested in better understanding youth offending and victimization of various forms. Her current projects are aimed at better understanding the impact of bullying and cyberbullying victimization on adolescents, as well as the relationship between these two forms of victimization. Specifically, she is currently engaged in research examining what impact bullying and cyberbullying victimization have on several mental health outcomes. She is also working on another study seeking to better understand the relationship between bullying victimization and cyberbullying victimization, including potential trajectories of offline and online victimization. Dr. Malinski is an active member of both the American Sociological Association and the American Society of Criminology, and presents her research findings regularly.


Holt, T., Bossler, A., Malinski, R., & May, D. (2015). Identifying Predictors of Unwanted Online Sexual Conversations Among Youth Using a Low Self-Control and Routine Activity Framework. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.

Rafferty (Malinski), R. & Vander Ven, T. (2014). “I Hate Everything About You”: A Qualitative Examination of Cyberbullying and On-Line Aggression in a College Sample. Deviant Behavior, 35(5), 364-377.