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Steel Battalion cadets

Above: Steel Battalion cadets with the trophy from this year's Ranger Challenge competition


Moravian University students can participate in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in addition to their academic studies. This program cultivates the skills and opportunities to pursue a career as a commissioned Officer in the United States Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard upon graduation from Moravian University. 

The Moravian University ROTC program is part of the Steel Battalion at Lehigh University. Lehigh University is the host school for the military science instruction portion of the experience, as well as other related functions of the program. Moravian University shares in this partnership with nine other schools in the greater Lehigh Valley. 

ROTC students engage in classroom experiences that foster leadership qualities, teamwork, critical thinking, and self discipline. Hands-on opportunities like physical training, leadership labs, and field training complement the special academic experience. Over time, ROTC helps to instill a sense of character, courage, and patriotism in those that commit to the program. At completion, students are prepared for service in the US Army, as well as leadership roles outside of the military. 

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Scholarship Opportunities

Army ROTC provides scholarship opportunities to deserving students who show a commitment to the US Army. Scholarships can range from 2-4 years of coverage, and recipients can be covered for full tuition and fees during their time at Moravian. Moravian University is committed to offering full room and board scholarships for ROTC scholarship recipients. For more information on scholarship types and coverage, please click here for more details. 

To initiate the enrollment process into the Moravian University ROTC program, please contact:

Moravian University ROTC Coordinator
Marilyn Kelly-Cavotta
Director of Veteran and Military Affairs
610-861-1363 |

Steel Battalion ROTC Coordinator