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The 1742 Experience
The Center for Career and Civic Engagement

1742 Experience


The 1742 Experience at Moravian College offers an opportunity prior to first-year orientation focused on service in the community. This hands-on learning program brings students to campus one week early to build relationships with classmates and to develop a commitment to service and leadership for the common good. The 1742 Experience was launched in the summer of 2011. Since that time, the program has welcomed over 140 First-Year Students to campus. The program is coordinated and led by upperclassmen students who serve as mentors and guides to their First-Year teams.

In 2019, participants in The 1742 Experience spent four days taking a service-oriented “Tour of Bethlehem.” Over the course of the week they volunteered alongside five upperclassmen team leaders at six area non-profit organizations and schools, as well as participated in meaningful team-building activities.

Spots are limited! Housing and meals are provided on campus. Program fees apply.


Questions can be directed to 


Check back to meet our new leaders!



What Does a Typical 1742 Experience Week Look Like?

2021 Schedule

  • Sunday, August 22: Arrival on campus. Meet the Team Leaders, Center for Career and Civic Engagement staff, and mingle with fellow The 1742 Experience participants. Move into your residence hall, enjoy dinner with the rest of the team, and relax and unwind before the exciting week ahead.
  • Monday, August 23 -Thursday, August 26: Prepare for early breakfast with the team and full days of service in the community. Evening activities are planned every night.
  • Friday, August 28: Join your parents and the rest of the Class of 2024 for New Student Orientation!


Where will students be housed?
In most cases, students will move into their assigned residence hall at Moravian College. Commuting students are always welcome!

Are there any costs associated with the program? 
Yes. The cost to participate in the program is $250. Costs cover participation in program, housing, meals, local transportation and all evening activities.

How can I apply? 
Applications are available online. Completed applications are due by June 25, 2021. Phone interviews will be held in early July and decisions will be announced in mid July! 

I am participating in a fall sport. Can I still participate in The 1742 Experience?
Unfortunately, many fall sports and the band  require commitments during the week of the program. Because attendance in all program activities is expected, athletes and band members with conflicts are unable to participate. We hope that you will reach out to the Center for additional opportunities during the school year!

Do we have free time? Can I go visit my friends that live in the area during that time? 
Full participation in all The 1742 Experience activities is required and expected. There will be free time during the evening, however  we encourage students to spend this time relaxing, familiarizing themselves with their new home and getting to know other participants better. Take full advantage of this amazing opportunity!