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Job Search

Job Search Guidebook

Search For Opportunities

When searching for opportunities it’s important to explore all areas possible. Research industries, trends, search professional journals and websites and more.

Employers are hiring and some recruiting is still virtual. Be sure to log into Handshake to search for and apply to available opportunities.  

Job Search Resources

Keep in mind, some jobs have gone virtual and other offers may be postponed or delayed.  Even if your plans have shifted, there are still many ways to keep moving forward. Below are a few options to consider….

  • Think about in-demand industries like manufacturing/supply chain, healthcare and technology.  Don’t forget, your MU education has prepared you to succeed in a world of change! Schedule a time to talk with a Center staff member to discuss options and search strategies (email 
  • Complete an internship, freelance project or micro internship.  Check out Parker Dewey for more information on micro internships.
  • Create a profile on Talent Exchange as another resource to use during your job search.  Using Moravian’s unique login credentials, the resource’s AI technology can understand your unique skill set and match you to relevant jobs.  Get Started here.
  • Work part time or consider temporary work.  Although it may not be your dream job, getting yourself in the game shows future employers your initiative.  Many opportunities in lab environments, food retail and manufacturing have increased employee compensation rates and are actively recruiting.   
  • Build skills and make a difference through volunteering.  
  • Build your knowledge or learn a new skill virtually. Some options to think about include...

Additional Resources


Job Search Websites

The Moravian University Center for Career & Civic Engagement does its best to identify quality opportunities for our community, however, it is the responsibility of the student/alumni to vet jobs and internships to ensure legitimacy of the position/organization.  Always use caution and common sense when applying for any opportunity.  If something seems suspicious, please contact the Center for Career & Civic Engagement right away.  For more information on best practices for safe job searching, please click here. To learn about identifying and avoiding job scams, visit our Job Search Guidebook.

A wealth of information exists online. Below are a few resources to get you started:

Professional Associations

Research professional organizations in your field of interest so you can connect to others, learn more about your chosen field.  To learn more about professional organizations related to your career path, visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook and search for your desired career or career field.”

Social Media 

Social media is not just a place to connect with friends—it's also a place to connect with potential employers. Check out these Social Media Job Search Strategies before you log on.

Staffing Agencies

Working with staffing/employment agencies in your area can help you obtain an advantage in your job search.  Here are some suggestions for working with these agencies:

  • Use employment services set up in the area.  Register with your local or state employment services.
  • Ask people working in the fields that interest you for leads.
  • Use temporary placement services (Manpower, Kelly, etc…)
  • Look online to identify organizations of interest.
  • Check classified ads to learn about employers expanding staffs.
  • Ask friends a few years ahead of you in school for their suggestions.

Online Interview Preparation and Practice

For many people, the most nerve-racking part of trying to find a job is the interview. You may not be able to control how an interview goes, but you can control how well you are prepared.

Big Interview, an online interview practice and preparation module, allows you to conduct an online mock interview and then review it.  These interviews can be kept private or shared with a Center for Career and Civic Engagement staff member or a faculty member.  Participants only need a webcam, microphone and a email address.

On-Campus Interviewing

On-campus interviewing is a service offered to students seeking full-time and internship opportunities. Organizations send recruiters to interview students for anticipated vacancies in the coming year. Based on your career interests, on-campus interviewing may or may not be a helpful component of your comprehensive job search. It is highly recommended that you do not solely rely on on-campus interviewing to obtain a job or internship. 

Information regarding on-campus interviewing is available through Handshake

Click here to review the On-Campus Interviewing Policy.

On-campus interviewing is one component of a comprehensive job search strategy. While many Moravian students have used this service to secure jobs, be mindful that a variety of methods are best used to ensure employment. Visit the other sections of this website to explore other methods of searching.

If you are a senior interested in on-campus interviewing or upcoming Career Fairs and you have not completed a resume, please visit the Center for Career and Civic Engagement (in the HUB, Across from Prosser Auditorium) at your earliest opportunity.

Other Online Resources

Search this site to learn more specific information about salaries in a variety of fields and industries.

Job seekers can also benefit from running self-background checks. Even candidates with no criminal history or financial problems should run a background check to verify the public information tied to his or her name. Identity theft, inaccurate or missing information, and outdated traffic violations can all create red flags for employers. By conducting a self-background check, job seekers can assure they are being accurately represented and can meet potential problems head-on.

Though it’s true there are specific times when your online reputation really matters, maintaining a positive online reputation should be a constant effort. A need for a good reputation could pop up at any time.