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Don’t Just Fly. SOAR.

We don’t put our professors on pedestals, we put them with students. SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) provides stipends and support for students in any major who is engaged in scholarly research or creative activity with a faculty member. And since the idea of “scholarship” can take on a seemingly infinite number of forms, this faculty-student research pairing program is designed to be as inclusive as possible. Check out last summer’s SOAR projects, and click here to visit the official SOAR website to find out how researching alongside a faculty can help your education really take off.

2021 SOAR Students


Nadea Dundore ’22

Project Title: Do Selenium Antioxidants Aid in Bacterial Killing in a Macrophage Infection Model?

Major: Biology

Project Advisor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky

2020 SOAR Students


Julian Calv '21

Project Title: Creating Performance Editions from the Archives

Major and Minor: Music Education

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Hilde Binford, Archivist Gwyneth Michel


Kathryn Dewitt '21

Project Title: Caring for Patients with Obesity During a Disaster: An Integrative Review

Major and Minor: Nursing with a minor in Sociology

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Karen Groller PhD, RN-BC, CMSRN

Lopez de Boer

Raquel Lopez de Boer '21

Project Title: Protective effects of curcumin in the production and metabolism of dopamine in the 6-OHDA model of Parkinson's disease

Major and Minor: Neuroscience and Chemistry

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Cecilia Fox


Chloe Mondok '21

Project Title: Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin and Vitamin E in a 6-OHDA Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease

Major and Minor: Neuroscience major with minors in Art History and Music 

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Fox


Naomi Rieth '21

Project Title: Synthesis of quorum sensing activators and inhibitors of S. pneumoniae with large, non-native, aliphatic amino acid substitutions

Major: Biochemistry

Project advisor: Dr. Michael Bertucci

Daniel Faudree '21

Project Title: Assembling the Earthworm Genome

Majors: Biology and Psychology

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Christopher Jones

Elliott Guido '22

Project Title: Characterization of Glucose Conjugated Rhodium Complexes

Majors: Biochemistry and Music

Adviser: Dr. Steve Dunham

Lauren Kubic '21

Project Title: Interpersonal and intrapersonal emotion regulation efficacy: The role of interpersonal trust.

Major and Minor: Psychology and Business Management

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Aleena Hay

Renee Mapa '21

Project Title: Computer Vision Tracking Framework for Parkinson’s Disease Model Rats

Major and Minor: Cognitive Neuroscience

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Jeffrey Bush

Emma Miller '22

Project Title: The Clumsy Packing of Polyominoes and the Strong Proper Connection of Graphs

Major and Minor: Math and Physics

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Nathan Shank

Rachel Riley '22

Project Title: Inhibition of Src activity in glioma cells upon expression of Cx43 gap junctions

Major: Biochemistry

Project Advisor: Dr. Anastasia Thévenin

TahLea A. Wright

Project Title: Hounds Transition Program: Exploring the Transition to Post-Secondary Experiences for Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Through a Disability Studies Framework

Major and Minor: Special Education and Early Childhood Education Certification

Project Advisor(s): Dr. Laurie Kahn