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Don’t Just Fly. SOAR.

We don’t put our professors on pedestals, we put them with students. SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) provides stipends and support for students in any major who is engaged in scholarly research or creative activity with a faculty member. And since the idea of “scholarship” can take on a seemingly infinite number of forms, this faculty-student research pairing program is designed to be as inclusive as possible. Check out last summer’s SOAR projects, and click here to visit the official SOAR website to find out how researching alongside a faculty can help your education really take off.

2021 SOAR Students


Tyler Clemente '23

Project Title: Was the French Revolution a Religious Revolution? Maximilien Robespierre and the Cult of the Supreme Being

Major and Minor: History with a Secondary Education certification, Political Science minor

Project Advisor: Dr. Heikki Lempa


Delanie Crabtree '23

Project Title: Effects of Carbamates on Vertebrate Behavior and Neurodevelopment

Major: Cellular Neurobiology

Project Advisor: Dr. Sara McClelland


Anthony DiSipio '23

Project Title: Environmental Effects on Group Dynamics in Shrimp

Major and Minor: Environmental Science, Biology minor

Project Advisor: Dr. Joshua Lord


Nadea Dundore ’22

Project Title: Do Selenium Antioxidants Aid in Bacterial Killing in a Macrophage Infection Model?

Major: Biology

Project Advisor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky


Eliza Grigsby '22

Project Title: Do Selenium Antioxidants Affect the Mechanism of Bacterial-Induced Macrophage Death?

Major: Neuroscience

Project Advisor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky


Juliana Haddad '23

Project Title: Characteristics of Photochromic Lenses

Major and Minor: Biochemistry, Business Management minor

Project Advisor: Dr. Kelly Krieble


Danielle Hanson '22

Project Title: From Buddhism to Kierkegaard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Cope with Anxiety

Major and Minor: Philosophy, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor

Project Advisor: Dr. Carol Moeller


Garrison Koch '23

Project Titles: On the Girth of Assignment Graphs Generated from Digraphs &
On the Solvability of a Bipartite Graph Reduction Game

Major: Applied Mathematics

Project Advisor: Dr. Nathan Shank


Felycitie Lindsay '22

Project Title: Interviews With Community Stakeholders Who Work With Immigrants and Refugees in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Major: Public Health

Project Advisor: Dr. Colleen Payton


Mitchell Melnick '22

Project Title: Interactions of a DNA Duplex with Metal Compounds

Major: Biochemistry

Project Advisor: Dr. Shari Dunham


Rose Michetti '23

Project Title: Moravian Music: Creating Performance Editions from the Archives

Major: Music Education

Project Advisors: Dr. Hilde Binford with Gwyneth A. Michel and David Blum from the Moravian Archives


Chad Propst '23

Project Title: Using GC-MS to Compare Different Washing Methods on Strawberries

Major: Biochemistry

Project Advisor: Dr. Alison Holliday


Emily Saulino '21

Project Title: Synthesizing Dirhodium-Maleimide-Glucose Complexes to Increase Solubility

Major: Biochemistry

Project Advisor: Dr. Stephen Dunham


Rebecca Skibo '23

Project Title: Properties of Brooker's Merocyanine, a Solyatochromic Compound

Major: Chemistry

Project Advisor: Dr. Carl Salter


Joel Soto '21

Project Title: Queer and Trans* Youth Lives in the English Classroom

Major: English with Certification in Secondary Education

Project Advisor: Dr. Bess Van Asselt