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Honors Program

The purpose of the Honors program is to offer qualified students, generally seniors, the opportunity to work on an independent, intensive research project on a specific topic of their choice.

A student admitted to the Honors program is expected to work on his or her project during two terms under the guidance of a faculty member who serves as the Honors project advisor, devoting no less time in each term than would be devoted to a course unit.

A student who has completed a minimum of 15 courses (at least eight of which must be at Moravian University) may apply for admission to the Honors program. At the start of the term in which the Honors work is begun, the student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 with a cumulative GPA of 3.30 in the proposed field of Honors and must have completed at least 19 course units.

The student should (1) consult with the chair of the department in which he or she proposes to receive Honors (usually, but not always, the major field); (2) agree on an Honors project advisor; (3) in consultation with this advisor, work out a proposal of study; and (4) submit the proposal to the Honors Committee during the pre-registration period for the first term as a formal application for admission to the Honors Program.

Upon successful completion of the Honors program with a grade of A (Honors), the student receives academic credit equivalent to two course units with the grade of A, and the degree carries the citation of Honors in the field of research. Students who earn a grade of P (Pass) receive two course units of credit only. Students who fail to complete the Honors program satisfactorily receive a grade of NC (No Credit). Any questions concerning the operation of the Honors program may be addressed to the chair of the Honors Committee, Axel Hildebrandt.