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Tuition & Fees


Tuition Refund Policy

Full-time undergraduate students who officially withdraw from Moravian University are eligible for refunds of tuition charges as indicated in the schedule below.  Specific withdraw deadline dates will be indicated for each standard Fall and Spring semesters each year on Moravian's official Academic Calendar.

Comprehensive Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule –Undergraduate DAY Program

Date of Withdraw

Tuition Incurred

Tuition Refunded

1st Week (Drop/Add)



2nd Week



3rd Week



4th Week



After 4th Week



The above schedule only applies to full-time students OR part-time students [in the undergraduate day program] as of the last day to drop/add, and are based on the standard academic calendar for Fall and Spring semesters.  Full-time students who fall below full-time status by dropping or withdrawing from a course after the drop/add deadline will not be eligible for any refund.  Part-time students who withdraw from all courses after the drop/add deadline are eligible for a tuition refund based on the above schedule.  In those circumstances the refund amount would be based on the official withdrawal date as determined by the Registrar’s Office and Office of The Provost.  If a part-time undergraduate day student (as of the last day to drop/add) withdraws from one or more courses in a standard fall/spring semester but are still concurrently enrolled in at least one class, those withdrawn courses are not eligible for a tuition refund. 

Non-Refundable Fees (including but not limited to):

  • Matriculation Fee
  • Housing/Room Fee (see full policy at
  • Tuition Overload Fees
  • Lab Fees (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Art, etc.)
  • Art Kit Fees
  • Course Fees (Nursing, Music, Education, etc.)
  • Course Material Fees
  • Private Lesson Fees
  • Departmental Fees (Health Center Fees, ID Replacement Fees, etc.)
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Audit Fees
  • Fines (Parking, Library, etc.)
  • Technology Fee and Lab Fees are not refundable for students billed by credit hour or unit.

Board Fee: Board refunds will be prorated on a weekly basis for students who have a meal plan assignment during the semester they withdraw.

Administrative Withdraw or Withdrawal by the University

When a student has been withdrawn by the University for any reason after the semester begins, which may include Administrative Withdraw, suspension or expulsion from the University for disciplinary reasons, refunds are not available except for a pro-rated board refund and M-Flex. Further, if disciplinary action results in the loss of any University or University-contracted service for the student, no refund except pro-rated board is available, unless required by federal, state, or other regulations.  Students withdrawn by the University or administratively withdrawn in-between semesters would be eligible for a refund tuition refund for an upcoming term.

Tuition Refund Policy for Students Billed by Credit Hour or Unit

Includes the following (but is not limited to):

  • Undergraduate DAY Students enrolled in Winter or Summer Terms
  • Graduate Students in Education, Business, Nursing or Clinical Counseling
  • RN to BSN
  • Adult Undergraduate or Adult Post-Bac Students
  • Graduate Students in the Moravian Seminary Program
  • DAT (Doctorate of Athletic Training) Program

Refunds for any course that is billed by unit or credit hour are calculated based on the official course withdraw date as indicated by the Registrar's Office.  Students are responsible for following proper procedure for officially dropping/withdrawing from any course.  Last date of recorded attendance will NOT be used as the date to determine the appropriate tuition refund amount for any course.  Any course that operates in a standard 16 week fall/spring term will be held to the same tuition refund schedule as the Undergraduate DAY refund schedule.  Class schedules that operate in shorter duration will have 100% tuition refund through the scheduled drop/add period of that course.  After the drop/add period, up to 75% of tuition would be refunded through the first 25% of the course length (based on number of days in the course).  Once the student’s withdraw date exceeds 25% of the scheduled length of the course, no refund will be given.

Tuition Refund Policy for Cohort Programs

Includes the following (but is not limited to):

  • Accelerated Nursing Program
  • M.S. Athletic Training
  • M.S.  Occupational Therapy
  • M.S.  Speech Language Pathology
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Students who begin a semester/term have the first academic week of their program to withdraw and be eligible for a 100% tuition refund.  After the first week of the term has concluded, the student would not be eligible for a tuition refund.

Tuition Refund Policy for Dual Enrollment (Course Taken at High School)

Students may withdraw from the course any time prior to the end of the fifth week of instruction at the high school for 100% tuition refund. In order to qualify for 100% tuition refund, the student must notify both the high school teacher and Moravian’s Office of Admission ( in writing by the course withdrawal deadline. At the start of the sixth week of instruction, there is no opportunity to withdraw and no refund.

Appealing the Tuition Refund Policy

Students who formally withdraw from the University mid-semester or in the middle of a class session based on extreme hardship in the specific cases of medical illness, mental illness, injury, unforeseen life circumstances, or death of an immediate family member may appeal to have their tuition refunded for the term in question.  Students who are called to active military duty or training are also eligible to appeal.  Students who wish to appeal must provide their completed and signed Tuition Refund Appeal Form to the Director of Student Accounts detailing the reason for appeal, along with any supporting documentation that the student can provide.  The Director of Student Accounts, in cooperation with an appeal committee and VP for Finance and Administration will review the student’s case to determine the most appropriate course of action and any amount of tuition refund based on the circumstances.  Students may not appeal the tuition refund policy for any other reason, including Administrative Withdraw or Withdrawal by the University. 

The committee will not typically consider tuition refund appeal requests for the following reasons: 

  • Registering for the wrong course or having no knowledge of being registered
  • Misinterpretation, lack of knowledge, understanding, or failure to follow official drop/withdraw procedures
  • Non-attendance or minimal attendance in class
  • Inadequate investigation of course requirements prior to registration and attendance
  • Non-qualification of financial aid and/or scholarships
  • Financial hardships
  • Textbook, software, hardware, or technical difficulties
  • Failure to meet course prerequisites
  • Other personal errors in judgment involving transportation, childcare, availability of finances, academic ability, and time management

Students with unresolved student conduct allegations or incomplete student conduct sanctions will not be permitted to appeal.  No request will be considered after the last date of classes in the succeeding semester (Fall or Spring) as published in the academic calendar, and the appeal must be initiated and submitted by the student.  Any decision rendered by the Committee is final.