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Moravian College

Tuition & Fees 2017-2018

Comprehensive Fees

Fees Per Term Per Year
Full-Time Tuition $20,146.50 $40,293.00
Student Activity Fees   $365.00
Technology Fee   $1,366.00
Freshman Orientation Fee   $140.00
International Student Orientation Fee
(2 academic credits)
International Student Health Insurance   $1,056.00

Fees Per Term Per Year
Units without kitchen (Main, Clewell, Bernhardt, Wilhelm, Rau-Hassler, Jo-Smith, Nitschmann, and Spangenberg) $3,566.00 $7,132.00
Units with kitchen (Beck, DeSchweinitz, Greek houses, Hillsides, overflow, townhouses, and HILL) $4,244.00 $8,488.00
Residential Security Deposit   $150.00

Resident Plans Per Term Per Year
Bronze Plan - Default for housing with kitchen  $2,151.00 $4,302.00
Silver Plan - Default for housing without kitchen (see note) $2,781.00 $5,562.00
Gold Plan - Optional for all housing options (see note) $3,096.00 $6,192.00
Commuter Plans Per Term Per Year
Rechargeable/Commuter A-
75 Meals & $25 Dining Dollars
$870.00 $1,740.00
Rechargeable/Commuter B-
50 Meals & $25 Dining Dollars
$597.00 $1,194.00
Rechargeable/Commuter C-
10 Meals & $25 Dining Dollars
$146.00 $292.00

* Board plan note: Residential students are required to have a Residential Meal Plan (Gold, Silver or Bronze).  First-year resident students must select either the Silver or Gold meal plan option. Students who have deposited but not yet selected a meal plan will be automatically enrolled in the Silver Plan.  Non-resident students are not required to select a meal plan; however, a number of meal plan options are available that more closely align with their dining needs. To learn more about meal plan, including how to change a meal plan, contact the Office of Housing & Event Management at

Matriculation Fee

All entering students are required to pay a matriculation fee of $500.00.

Student Health Insurance: All students attending Moravian College are required to have health insurance. Health insurance information should be provided on the Health Form. If you do not currently have health insurance, contact the Business Office to discuss available coverage options.

There are a number of other fees and charges which may be attendant upon a student’s matriculation at Moravian College, especially for such items or activities as orientation, laboratory materials, private music instruction, transcripts, late registration, late payments, overload or part-time tuition, course audits, and graduation. A full list of all such charges is available from the Office of Student Accounts.

The specific charges listed above are good faith projections for the academic year 2017-2018. They are, however, subject to change from one academic term to the next as deemed necessary by the College in order to meet its financial obligations and to fulfill its role and mission.

All charges and fees are due three weeks prior to the beginning of classes each term.