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Policies and Procedures
Residence Life and Housing

Policies aND Procedures

Residence Hall Room Contract

Each student to acknowledge a housing agreement or their parent/guardian if under 18 at the time of arrival. The policies outlined in the residence hall room contract are binding.

The residence hall room contract outlines that housing assignments are made for the full academic year, except for students who are graduating at mid-year, spending time abroad or at a College-approved program off campus, changing to part-time status, withdrawing, or other extenuating circumstances as approved by the Office of Housing & Event Management. Resident students who withdraw from the College during the course of a term will forfeit any remaining room rent for that term. Board refunds will be granted in accordance with the College's overall refund policy. Resident students who are removed from the halls by conduct action also receive no refund, except for a pro-rated board refund, unless required by federal, state, or other regulation.

When students move into their room, its condition becomes the responsibility of the occupants. At the end of the year, residents are expected to leave the room in the condition received, with the exception of normal wear and tear. Those assigned to a room will be held responsible for all costs of returning the room to its original condition, including the repair of damage and anything deemed extraordinary wear and tear. Abuse of the living space may be grounds for removal from residence or other conduct action.

The College reserves the right to change room assignments at any point.

Current Residence Hall Room Contract

2018-2019 Residence Hall Room Contract

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Moravian College offers gender-inclusive housing, a residential space in which residents of any combination of biological sexes, gender identities, or gender expressions choose to live together in the same wing (in first-year halls only) or suite. It is not intended for romantic couples, but rather for students seeking to live in an open and inclusive community.

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Housing & Meal Plan Medical Accommodations 

Students seeking support with housing and/or meal plan options due to a disability are instructed to contact the Academic & Accessibility Support Center.

Housing Status & Meal Plan Appeals

  • Residents seeking to appeal their housing status and/or students seeking to appeal their meal plan due to financial need or other extenuating circumstances, should contact For medical requests, contact the Academic & Accessibility Support Center.
  • Students seeking to become an on-campus resident after the start of the semester should email Students may be offered the opportunity to move on campus, space permitting.

Room Change Request

No room changes are permitted during the first 2 weeks of each semester.  The College offer opportunities for students to change rooms after the first 2 weeks of the semester. More information about Pull-In & Move Weeks are sent directly to students via email.  

Students seeking a room change outside of that those times should email

Service, Support, & Assistance Animal Policy for Residential Students

Moravian College is committed to complying with federal, state and local laws regarding individuals with disabilities. In that regard, Moravian College will support those students with disabilities who require the assistance of a service, support or assistance animal.  Requests for more information about this policy should be directed to the Academic & Accessibility Support Center.