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Upperclass Housing
Residence Life and Housing

Upperclass Housing

Upperclassmen students reside in both traditional residence halls and suite-style spaces on both campuses. Moravian College also offers unique housing opportunities including organizational housing, fraternity and sorority housing, and single gender, co-educational and gender-inclusive housing. Fraternity and sorority housing is limited to members of the respective organizations. 

Upperclass Housing Assignment & Selection Processes

General Selection is the process by which returning students may choose their housing assignment and roommates for the upcoming academic year. Some students may choose their housing assignment through a Pre-Selection processes (medical placements, Greek Housing, and Organizational Housing). The Office of Housing & Event Management will assign students who do not participate in housing selection.

Housing Options for Upperclassmen

  • Beck & deSchweinitz are two separate buildings, consisting of four, 6-person apartments. Each apartment has three double rooms.
  • Each air-conditioned unit is fully furnished and offers a large living room, one full bath and an eat-in kitchen.
  • Residents of this area enjoy a large green space and picnic facilities for outdoor activities.

  • Clewell Hall is home to 21 male students, yet its history dates back to the mid-19th century as a private residence.
  • Located in the heart of the Bethlehem’s Historic District and on the Hurd Campus, the residence hall and its front door open out to Church Street. 
  • The hall offers a variety of single and double-room configurations and a multitude of unique living spaces.
  • Residents share a full kitchen. 

  • Jo Smith houses approximately 85 women.
  • Jo Smith’s seven wings are home to approximately 18 students and is arranged in a traditional central-hallway style configuration, with residents sharing the common bathroom. 
  • The hall offers a large common entryway lounge, a basement vending area and TV lounge, as well as a kitchenette/study lounge on each floor.
  • Individual rooms sleep two students and are 12-feet wide by 14-feet, 2-inches deep.

  • Main Hall is home to 56 female students, in various room configurations on the Hurd Campus.
  • No two rooms are identical, yet most are quite spacious with high ceilings and large windows, offering views of the Historic District of Bethlehem and tons of natural light. 
  • Main Hall’s basement is home to the “Coffee House.” On Wednesday evenings, students gather for coffee and tea, conversation, and an occasional acoustic or spoken-word performance.
  • The basement has two updated lounge spaces, as well as laundry facilities.

  • Anna Nitschmann House consists of six 5-person, and five 4-person suites.
  • Each suite consists of a common hallway and private bath.
  • The double bedrooms are approximately 12’ x 16’ and single bedrooms are approximately 9' x 12’
  • Nitschmann is centrally located to Makuvek Field and the Haupert Union Building (HUB).

  • Inner Spangenberg consists of approximately 18 traditional style double rooms and three shared bathrooms.
  • Spangenberg Apartments consists of six, 6-person suites.  Each suite has three double rooms.
  • The bedrooms are roughly 12'x16'.
  • The August Spangenberg House is centrally located to Makuvek Field and the Haupert Union Building (HUB).

  • Hurd Integrated Living & Learning (HILL) includes suites, a fitness center, a college dining option, mailroom for Hurd Campus residents, and classrooms.
  • Located on Hurd Campus, the six-story building houses more than 230 residents in suites ranging in size from four-person to 16-person units.
  • Each suite includes a full kitchen, private bathroom(s), and single bedrooms measuring approximately 10'x12'.

  • The Hillside complex consists of six buildings split into 27 suites ranging in size from five-person to 13-person units.
  • The two 13-person suites are generally designated as singles for individual upperclassmen students.
  • Hillsides are located along W. Laurel St. on the south side of Main Campus.
  • All single bedrooms are approximately 10'x12'.

  • The Townhouses are three separate buildings, consisting of three, 5-person apartments.
  • Each 2-level apartment has two double rooms and a single bedroom
  • Apartments are air-conditioned and offer 1 full bath, eat-in kitchen, and living room.
  • The double bedrooms are approximately 10'x13' and the single bedroom is approximately 9'x12'.

  • All overflow houses are located within 2 blocks of campus in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Overflow housing is an excellent transitional housing opportunity for students who desire more autonomy, more living space and the experience of living in a neighborhood.
  • Overflow house residents are held to the same expectations of all students and, in addition, have the added responsibility of adapting to the lifestyle of their non-College neighbors.
  • Layout, amenities, and room size vary by property.