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General Selection FAQs

Housing Selection & Waitlist FAQs

Am I expected to live on campus?

Moravian University guarantees housing during a student’s undergraduate years. However, students can choose to commute. Commuters are defined as those residing with a parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile radius of campus.  Depending on enrollment, the University may permit eligible students to apply for off-campus release. Off-campus releases are not guaranteed.

Can I earn extra housing points?

Students earn Housing Points based on the number of semesters they have completed, with a maximum of 6 points. There is no opportunity to earn additional points. 

What do I do if I believe I received the incorrect number of housing points or should have received a lottery number?

Complete the Appeal Form before Friday, April 5 to allow time to review your process your appeal.

Can I retain my room?

Yes, students should complete the Room Retention Application by Wednesday, March 27, 2024. Once received, your request will be processed and you will receive an email from the Office of Housing.

Does my entire group need to be present for my General Selection day?

Ideally everyone in the group will attend. However, at the very least, the Group Leader must represent the group. The Group Leader must have the individual point and lottery number of all group members to select housing. Be sure to have determined who is going to live in which room beforehand.

What is a Group Leader and what are their roles?

A Group Leader is the one student from a group that will be communicating in the General Housing Selection webinar on behalf of the group (all members of the group may participate in the webinar, but staff will actually be speaking to and with the "Group Leader"). The Group Leader MUST know all individual point values and lottery numbers of group members and be available to log on at their groups specified date and time. Group Leaders will be asked to identify themselves during the General Housing Selection process. Housing does not need to know before the General Housing Selection webinar who you have identified as your Group Leader. It is very important that your group identifies a Group Leader as this will make the process move more quickly. 

What if I cannot attend General Housing Selection on the specified date and time? 

Students unable to attend General Housing Selection during their groups/individuals date and time may appoint a proxy. A "proxy" is a person that has been given permission to select another student's room assignment on their behalf. Prior to General Housing Selection, students should discuss hall and room preferences with their proxy. We recommend that the student make their Group Leader their proxy. Housing does not need to know before the General Housing Selection webinar who you have identified as your proxy. 

How does the University decide the order students select?

Groups with higher housing points and lower lottery numbers will select before groups with the same/fewer housing points and higher lottery numbers.

How will housing points & lottery numbers be called at General Selection?

The script that is utilized to call lottery numbers is typically:

  • “We are now serving GROUPS of students who have a combined point total of # points.”
  • “Among those with # points, who has a lottery number less than #?”

What if I do not select a room at General Selection?

Students who do not select a room during the Pre-Selection Process or General Selection will be added to the Housing Waitlist.

What if I do not like the room I selected?

At General Selection, students have the opportunity to add their name to the Housing Waitlist.

What is the Housing Waitlist?

A number of returning students may not select their preferred housing option or will not be able to select a room during General Selection. If students find themselves in this position, they will have the opportunity to add their name(s) to the Housing Waitlist.

How do I get added the Housing Waitlist?

Returning residents who do not select a room and commuters seeking resident status will be automatically added to the Housing Waitlist.

Students who select a housing assignment at General Selection, but prefer to live elsewhere can complete the Housing Waitlist at General Selection. These students will retain their selected assignment.

What do I do after I add my name to the Housing Waitlist?

The Office of Housing will review availability and will email students if a space becomes available. A member of the Office of Housing will do their best to meet your preferences but cannot make any guarantees.

What meal plan should I choose if I am on the waitlist?

All current residents on the housing waitlist are defaulted to the Hound Unlimited (5-Day) meal plan. Current commuters on the Housing Waitlist will not be assigned a meal plan.

Once a student is offered and accepts a room assignment they will be able to change their meal plan based on their housing assignment.  

When will I find out where I am living?

Students on the Housing Waitlist will be contacted throughout the spring semester and during the summer as space becomes available. The College guarantees that all residential students will be assigned by early August, if not sooner.

The Office of Housing will email students placement offers, which they must accept or decline. If a student does not respond to the offer email within the timeframe outlined, the room may be offered to another student. Offers are generally sent via email midweek and require a written response before the start of business on Monday.

Should I accept an offer?

Students, especially those without a room assignment, are highly encouraged to accept an offer. Students can elect to remain on the Housing Waitlist even after they accept an assignment. 

What are my options if my preferred building/room does not become available?

Once students return there are opportunities for room changes. Pull-In and Move Weeks are the second and third week of each semester, more information will be sent to students when they arrive to campus.  After Move Week, students can request a meeting with a member of the Office of Housing to discuss room change options.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

  • Contact
  • Attend a General Selection Open Q&A Information Session: Wednesday, April 3 & Thursday, April 4 from 3-4pm via Zoom

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