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Advance Into Moravian (AIM)


Advance Into Moravian (AIM)

Moravian's pre-college student success program is designed to focus on three key areas students need to start their college career off right--and finish strong:

  • Core academic skills that prepare students for college-level coursework and expectations of college faculty;
  • Cross-cutting learning skills that students will need across majors, including critical thinking, study skills, and navigating campus systems and technology; and
  • Social and emotional learning abilities that help students make the transition to college confidently and successfully.

Selected students gain all of this in a three-week program that includes college credit, an introduction to campus life and the Moravian community, and a genuine jumpstart to a college education. Moravian delivers this program to selected students because we believe in the potential for success of every student we admit and know how important this early start can be for many students.