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Academic & Accessibility Support Center

Advance Into Moravian (AIM)

About AIM

AIM offers an opportunity for selected students to make friends, discover what Moravian College has to offer, and make a positive difference in the community before the first day of classes by participating in a challenging three week academic summer bridge program.

AIM Mission Statement

The AIM program engages a select group of incoming first year students in a variety of academic, co-curricular, social, and civic engagement experiences that foster a positive growth mindset, promote academic excellence, prompt critical thinking, and facilitate leadership development as these students transition from high school into college. This program also helps students refine their writing skills, adopt effective study habits, manage their time, bolster their information and financial literacy, forge supportive peer relationships, establish connections with campus resources and professionals, effectively navigate college life and academic culture, and integrate into the Moravian College community as they draw upon their strengths to aim for college success and achieve their goals

AIM Outcomes

Students who participate in AIM:

  • Learn strategies and tools to manage their time and achieve their goals
  • Enhance their critical thinking, writing, information literacy, and study skills
  • Discover the full range of resources available to them as students at Moravian College
  • Engage in activities that will help them grow personally, socially, and as a leader
  • Refine their time management and organization skills necessary for juggling the complexities of college life
  • Build relationships with peers that can last throughout college and beyond
  • Meet regularly with an academic coach who will work with them on identifying and leveraging their individual strengths to achieve your goals

AIM Activities

During AIM, students:

  • Complete LINC 103: College Reading and Writing I (For College Credit)
  • Complete a student success course and collaborative project
  • Meet with representatives from a wide variety of campus departments, services, and programs
  • Learn while contributing to the community through a civic engagement opportunity
  • Meet with an academic coach to set and achieve academic, personal, and professional goals
  • Receive mentoring from trained student mentors
  • Participate in fun social activities