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Academic Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I selected for AIM?

Admissions staff reviewed your application and determined, with the Dean of Student Success and the Director of Academic Support, that you are a great fit for Moravian College; however, we also noticed some parts of your application look like past Moravian students who had some bumps as they started their studies with us.  We want you to come to AIM to make sure you don't run into those same bumps that past students have had, and we know that this program helps the students who enroll avoid those bumps.

Why should I enroll in AIM?

In part, you should enroll in AIM because you will get college credit before the fall semester starts, which lets you have a lighter schedule in the fall and focus on adapting to college.  You will also then know what college-level courses expect, how to work with faculty (different from high school teachers), and how to be a successful student here. You will also get to know the campus and people in the community who will work with you across your four years here BEFORE the rest of your class arrives in late August. So, in AIM, you will get a more hands-on, individualized introduction to college and Moravian.  As a result, you will have answers to lots of questions before your Fall classmates even know to ask.  You will also gain exceptional academic skills and college transition skills that will help you be successful in earning your degree.

What class will I get credit for in AIM?

Each year AIM has offered a different course, and the final decision on the class that will be included in AIM 2020 has not been made yet.  However, before you register for Fall classes, you will know what course you will complete in AIM.

What are the dates for AIM this year?

AIM is typically in July each summer and runs for three weeks.  AIM 2020 will begin with move-in on July 12 and end July 31.

What will I actually be doing every day?

Because you are earning credit for a college course in three weeks, you will have a long class period every week day, typically in the morning.  Other required program sessions will take place across the rest of the day.  These events provide the rest of the content of AIM beyond the class itself, so they are important to you gaining the skills to succeed in college and at Moravian.  There will also be fun activities that will help you get to know fellow AIM students and get to know Moravian, Bethlehem, and the wider community.  Those activities are supported by student peer mentors who have been through AIM themselves and are now successful Moravian students.  A full schedule will go out to all participants before arrival.