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Three students walk in a group out front of Monocacy Hall.
Academic Support

Academic Planning

What is "Academic Planning"?

Academic Planning looks a lot like advising without the focus on course selection or specific career planning.  It involves an Academic Support staff member making a plan with a student, outlining the "to-do" items for a successful semester or other defined period of time: what resources the student should access, what support they need from different offices on campus, how and when to access that support, and includes a schedule of check-ins for the student and Academic Support staff.

How will Academic Plans be documented?

All academic plans from these meetings will be documented in Momentum under "Success Plans." Advisors and Student Success staff, in addition to students, will have access to plans, which will be updated across a semester and adjusted as needed by staff in Academic Support.  This allows everyone to work together as a team to support students in achieving their goals and shows the hard work students are putting into their own success.

Who should use Academic Planning?

Students who are facing transitions or challenges that are new to them and unfamiliar are great candidates for Academic Planning. Advisors can refer students when they need another voice or perspective in the conversation or are not sure what to advise.

All Moravian students have access to this resource, and Dr. Jacobe has weekly office hours that can be scheduled for this need.  Students can login to Momentum and follow these instructions to make an appointment.