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Moravian College
Academic Support

SKills and Strategies Sessions

Update: Due to the campus closure, all Skills and Strategy Sessions will be taking place on Zoom. Please see the bottom of this page for corresponding Zoom links to access these sessions at the scheduled times.

Academic Support offers Skills and Strategies Sessions held periodically throughout the semesters, but faculty can also request sessions brought into their classes.  Coaches and leaders of various student groups and teams can also request a special offering of these topics.  To do so, contact Dr. Monica Jacobe, Director of Academic Advising and Support.

It is strongly recommended that students on probation, students returning from dismissal, and students about whom advisors have academic concerns be required to attend appropriate sessions as part of their academic plan for the semester.  Faculty may refer students in Momentum, but students may also choose to attend.  

Spring 2020 Topics:

Managing Your Time

School is your job, right?  So, your time goes to studying and classes.  However, you might also be working, on a team, helping at home with family.  And that’s before sleep, exercise, time to relax and have fun.  Basically, you have a lot to do, no matter what your class schedule looks like.  This session will have you charting how you spend your time and how you want to spend your time.  It will also introduce you to tools you can use to manage your schedule and stay on track in your classes and well beyond.

Dates & Times: February 18 at 12 noon, February 26 at 4 p.m., and March 19 at 12 noon.

Learning from Readings and Lectures

Learning in college or in new-to-you subjects can look very different from your past studies.  Understanding complex readings and lectures is essential to being successful, but it does require certain skills and abilities.  This session will introduce you to a variety of strategies to enhance your understanding of course content and give you space to practice and find the best strategies for the way you learn and the content you are studying.

Dates and Times: February 27 at 12 noon and March 18 at 4 p.m.

Exploring Majors and Careers 

One of the best things about studying at a liberal arts college (like Moravian!) is that you both can explore different fields of study but must explore ideas beyond one major.  This session is perfect for students who don’t know what career or major they want and those who have a career goal but don’t know what majors could get them there.  You will explore the practices of different academic fields and the skill sets students can gain in different majors and will leave with a stronger sense of how to channel your interests into a major and possible careers.

Dates and Times: April 7 at 12 noon

Preparing for and Taking Tests

Tests and exams are important components of classes that often make a big impact on your grade.  They make some people nervous and challenge others in new ways, like integrating test preparation into your already busy schedule.  This interactive session will cover preparation and performance strategies but will also introduce you to effective tools to help you tackle different kinds of tests.

Dates and Times: February 19 at 4 p.m., March 17 at 12 noon, and April 16 at 12 noon

Zoom Meeting Links

Preparing for and Taking Tests:
- March 17 (12 noon)

- April 16 (12 noon)

Learning from Readings:
- March 18 (4 p.m.) 

Managing Your Time:
- March 19 (12 noon)

Exploring Majors and Careers
- April 7 (12 noon)