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A group of six students smiling sitting outside at a table with laptops and books.
Academic Support

Tutoring & Peer Learning

Academic Support provides supplemental instruction of various kinds, including individual and group tutoring, drop-in hours for specific classes, and peer-assisted study session in partnership with interested faculty.  

**Peer learning support of any kind is not a replacement for class time OR office hours with a faculty member.  Your faculty should be the FIRST stop when you need support, not a peer educator.**

ATTENTION: Due to the college temporarily limiting campus function and the shift to online resources, tutoring will now be facilitated through Zoom meetings. Please visit specific pages for updates and access methods - if you have any questions, please contact Matthew Werkheiser, the Coordinator for Tutoring and Academic Support, at

Policies for Tutoring and Peer Learning Support:

  • All students have unlimited access to Drop-In Group Tutoring in those areas covered.
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are available in select courses. Students in PASS-supported courses have access to Drop-In Group sessions without limit and may also schedule additional peer support.  Students failing to attend PASS but relying heavily on peer tutors outside of the embedded support will be redirected to PASS sessions as often as possible.
  • For courses covered by Drop-In Group Tutoring, students should attend available drop-in hours as possible before scheduling additional group tutoring in Momentum.
  • For courses not covered by Drop-In Group Tutoring, peer tutoring can be scheduled in Momentum.  Tutoring is designed to be in small groups, so students should not expect to have private or one-on-one tutoring in most cases.  
  • Requests for tutoring beyond current staff capacity will be met as possible, but peer educators are also students.  Not all courses can be covered by tutoring support.
  • Peer tutoring beyond Drop-In Group and PASS sessions is limited.  Students abusing or overusing this resource will be prompted by Academic Support staff to explain their needs and be redirected to other supports and resources beyond tutoring.

**Please note that, at the request of the Department of Mathematics, tutoring is NOT available for courses numbered above 211.**