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A group of six students smiling sitting outside at a table with laptops and books.
Academic Support

Tutoring & Peer Learning

Update: Due to current safety guidelines, all Peer Learning will be conducted online through Zoom or similar video-conferencing applications. 

Academic Support provides supplemental instruction in group formats for select classes as Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).  Student peer educators partner with faculty in different ways to extend course-specific learning for all students. 

**Peer learning support of any kind is not a replacement for class time OR office hours with a faculty member.  Your faculty should be the FIRST stop when you need support, not a peer educator.**

About Tutoring and Peer Learning Support:

  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are available in select courses, and students enrolled in those courses may use those scheduled sessions as frequently as needed.
  • All schedules are available in Momentum and visible to enrolled students, peer educators, and faculty.
  • Peer education is designed to be in groups.  Group learning is valuable in many fields and disciplines, and learning how to learn in groups and ask about what you don't know are important life skills that all students should work to develop.
  • Requests for tutoring beyond current staff capacity cannot be accommodated.  Not all courses can be covered by peer educator support, but Academic Planning is recommended to face the challenge of any course that does not have peer educators available.