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Areas of Study

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Moravian University offers more than 70 programs of undergraduate study leading to five baccalaureate degrees—bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of music, and bachelor of science in nursing.

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Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Accounting program

Accounting is often called “the language of business.” The study of accounting prepares you to analyze and summarize economic activity for purposes of good decision-making in organizations. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for a career in public accounting, private industry, or nonprofit organizations. It’s also a good foundation for graduate study and examinations for professional certifications.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Africana Studies program

The Africana Studies minor encourages you to critically evaluate the historical representations of Africa and the movements of its people across and beyond the continent. This minor helps you to closely examine the rich diversity and continuing contributions of people of African descent within Africa and around the world.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Anthropology program

The interdisciplinary minor in Anthropology focuses on the study of the holistic human experience, past and present. Through a program of five courses, you will learn about a social science that seeks to understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history, drawing and building upon knowledge from the social and biological sciences, as well as the humanities and physical sciences.

Program Type: Major (B.A. and B.F.A. options), Minor

Explore the Art program

The art major is based in traditions that lay the groundwork for students to integrate and appreciate art throughout their lives. Faculty cultivate a vibrant academic community committed to creative and critical thinking based on a passion for art—a form of meaning-making that relies on invention, research, and an infinitely curious mind to construct new knowledge, foster self-expression, and explore visual communication.

Concentrations: Art Education, Art History & Criticism, Graphic & Interactive Design, Photography/Media, Studio Art

Program Type: Major

Explore the Biochemistry program

If you’re interested in the molecular basis of health and disease or want to do research at the interface of biology and chemistry, then Biochemistry is the program for you. You can engage in research with faculty members who are designing, synthesizing, and testing new metal-based anti-cancer drugs, investigating molecular mechanisms that drive cancer progression, developing chemical interventions for bacterial communication, detecting environmental pollutants, and studying seizure causes and treatments.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Biology program

Modern biology studies life at all levels, from molecules to ecosystems. You will actively engage in the process of scientific investigation, develop a spirit of inquiry, strengthen your ability to explore both in field and laboratory, hone your analytical skills, and foster your capacity to communicate effectively with professional peers and the public. By becoming an independent, intellectually vibrant thinker, you will be able to achieve a lifetime of personal and professional success and service to society.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Chemistry program

The Chemistry major provides you with a fundamental understanding of chemical concepts and their application to current problems. Beginning in the general chemistry course and throughout the curriculum, you'll explore chemical principles by carrying out experiments using modern chemical instruments. You'll receive hands-on experience with analytical techniques such as optical and infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and NMR. Plus, you may choose to work with faculty members on research projects in theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, or biochemistry.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Computer Science program

We want to break away from the traditional definition of computer science. It doesn’t matter if a topic “belongs” to computer science, information technology, software engineering, or information systems—real-world problems do not fit nicely into these boxes. The Computer Science program will teach you to combine technological know-how, problem domain knowledge, teamwork, and communication skills to solve complex real-world problems.

Concentrations: General Computer Science, Data Science

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Dance program

The Dance minor offers a comprehensive dance curriculum while complementing your major in another discipline. The program provides you with a well-rounded and in-depth introduction to dance as an art form through historical, theoretical, and practical studies. You will participate in dance performance and creation, and develop technical skills that will deepen your understanding and appreciation for dance.

Program Type: Major

Explore the Early Childhood Special Education program

The Early Childhood Special Education Program prepares pre-service candidates to meet the needs of students at-risk and with disabilities from a socio-cultural perspective. Through extensive field experiences and mentoring, candidates learn how to support students in public and private settings. Candidates receive both PreK-4 and PreK-12 Special Education certification.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Economics program

Economics is a broad discipline that includes examining issues of scarcity; decisions about production, distribution, and consumption; and behavioral responses to incentives in all areas of life. The study of economics touches many fields including finance, healthcare, education, the environment, sports, labor and household decisions, and public policy. The economics major provides you with a background for careers in business, government, economics, law, public administration, planning, as well as preparation for graduate study.

Concentrations: Economics Theory & Policy, Finance

Program Type: Certification, Minor

Explore the Education program

We believe a teacher is best prepared through a program that integrates the liberal arts within a meaningful academic discipline and extensive hands-on field experience. Our program will engage you in putting current research and theory into practice, as well as the art of self-reflection, in order to help you become a teacher who acts deliberately and thoughtfully and has the ability to explain the basis for those actions. You specialize in:

  • Art Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Middle-Level Education
  • Music Education
  • Secondary Education (Biology, English, General Science, Math, Social Science/History)
  • World Language Education

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the English program

At Moravian University, you are invited to explore the rich, multi-dimensional nature of English through your engagement with creative expression and the study of culture and history, linguistics, literature, rhetoric, theatre and performance, media, and writing. Excellent preparation for graduate study, the English major also helps launch the careers of writers, critics, lawyers, reporters, archivists, speechwriters, editors, teachers, publishers, and researchers.

Concentrations: General English | Certification: Writing

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore environmental policy and economics program 

The state of the environment, the preservation of natural resources, the health of humans and wildlife, and sustainable development are critical topics of conversation and action for government, businesses, and individuals alike. The interdisciplinary framework of this program will develop critical skills for working on sustainable development, writing and implementing sound environmental policies, working at the science-policy interface, and helping to address environmental injustices.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Environmental Science program

Students in the environmental studies and sciences program at Moravian have the opportunity to learn from and do research with faculty involved in ecology and evolution, climate change, tropical ecology, restoration ecology, predicting cholera outbreaks with remote sensing, water, and air quality, ecotoxicology, place-based studies, and more. In addition to learning and doing science, students will also enhance their communication skills to be able to effectively translate technical information and work at the science-policy interface.

Program Type: Minor, Certificate

Explore the Ethics program

The Ethics program studies ethical theories, the history of ethical thought, applied ethical methodologies, and the good life (individually and collectively). The program is designed to give you the ethical reasoning skills to become good ethical decision-makers in your personal and professional lives.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the French program

The French program at Moravian University focuses on the study of language, literature, and culture of the Francophone world, and offers courses on theatre, culinary arts and poetry, business, translation, and engaging works of prose fiction. French majors are expected to study abroad in a French speaking part of the world for a semester. Emphasis is put on active discussion, critical interpretation, and fluid communication in written and spoken French.

Program Type: Major

Explore the French and Francophone Studies program

A French and Francophone Studies major offers students the option of integrating selected courses from across the curriculum for an interdisciplinary focus. French and Francophone Studies majors are expected to study abroad in a French speaking part of the world for a semester. An active French club provides a space outside the classroom where students can enjoy various aspects of contemporary Francophone culture, including film and music.

Program Type: Major

Explore the General Science Education program

The mission of the middle level and secondary general science education program is to prepare professionals who understand that pedagogical choices grow from a deep understanding of the disciplinary knowledge for each area of the sciences they are allowed to teach in relation to a consideration of the unique needs of learners being taught.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the German program

As a German major, you'll be challenged to work toward mastery of the German language and to extend your studies as far as possible in history, economics, management, literature, linguistics, philosophy, art, religion, social work, and music. Extended time in an organized program of study abroad is required and you'll be expected to take advantage of extracurricular opportunities for contact with languages and cultures—such as language clubs, foreign films, and other cultural events.

Program Type: Major

Explore the German Studies program

A major in German Studies provides you with an interdisciplinary approach to the intellectual and cultural history of German-speaking countries by combining courses in German language and literature with courses from fields such as Art History, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, and History.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Global Religions program

In the Global Religions program, you can explore the vast diversity of religious experiences and thought around the world, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more, as well as how religions interact with each other. Learning to see the world through these living religious traditions enables you to grow as a global citizen, developing skills in religious literacy that are urgently sought after in today’s multicultural and multi-religious workplaces.

Program Type: Major

Explore the Health Sciences program

The Health Sciences major prepares students interested in healthcare professions focused in the rehabilitation fields for admission to graduate school. The major includes required prerequisite coursework and provides the educational framework necessary to succeed in these competitive graduate programs.

Concentrations: Pre-Athletic Training/Exercise Science, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Program Type: Major

Explore the Historical Studies program

The historical studies major is designed for students who plan to be certified in either middle level or secondary education. The program includes a strong foundation in the study of history, along with courses in economics, sociology, political science, geography, and psychology.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the History program

The program in History acquaints you with the nature of historical inquiry and the antiquity and variety of human experience. Instead of relying on factual narratives, the program focuses on the analysis of primary sources, understanding history as a contested field of interpretations, and the skills of producing histories. The program prepares you to enter a career or graduate study in a variety of fields, including teaching and research, education, museums, and historical restoration, library work, journalism, business, law, and public service.

Program Type: Certificate

Explore the Indigenous Studies program

The Indigenous Studies certificate is an interdisciplinary program that examines the culture, history, literature, art, and languages of indigenous people primarily within the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Hawaiian Islands, although some consideration will be given to communities in other parts of the world.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Computer Science program

Informatics is the application of computing skills, statistical methods, and domain knowledge to obtain and analyze data in order to make decisions about organizations and society.

Program Type: Major

Explore the International Management program 

The major in International Management consists of six courses in management, plus six courses in the chosen language and includes a semester-long program of study in a country where French, German or Spanish is spoken as a primary language. You will consult with advisors to choose programs abroad that complement your programmatic focus.

Major requires study of French, German, or Spanish

Program Type: Minor

Explore the International Studies program

The international studies minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to advance appreciation and understanding of the diversity of the world through an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. The program seeks to generate an appreciation for the interconnected nature of our world, to increase awareness and interest in world cultures and issues, to encourage international study and travel, and to offer students an opportunity to add a global perspective to their major area of study. To achieve these goals, the minor in international studies consists of five course units, one of which may be a travel course.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Management program

The discipline of management involves study of the broad principles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in an effort to meet organizational goals. Studying these principles will help you to further your understanding of the functional areas of business, leadership principles, motivation, and human behavior within organizations. These principles are used in a variety of organizational settings including for-profit, nonprofit, and healthcare.

Concentrations: Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Sports Management

Program Type: Major, Minor
Department: Mathematics

Explore the Mathematics program

The mathematics program at Moravian University offers a wide range of courses for students interested in teaching, in graduate school, or in professional work upon graduation. With new courses developed each year, a flexible curriculum, and individualized courses based on student interest, the mathematics major is both a strong primary major and the perfect complement for any double major.

Concentrations: Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Media Studies program 

Our program in media studies offers a solid foundation balanced between theory and practice that is consciously interdisciplinary with an eye focused on life beyond the academic sphere. With offerings in areas that traverse interpersonal and small group communication as well as public discourse and mass communication, you can tailor your program in order to fit your needs and interests in, for example, journalism, broadcasting, marketing, and design explored through a mix of socio-political, cultural, and economic themes.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Medieval Studies program

The medieval studies minor examines the art, history, literature, music, and philosophy of the middle ages (c.500 CE to c.1500 CE). The program seeks to increase your knowledge of the middle ages and appreciation for the ways in which medievalists draw on interdisciplinary methodologies and sources.

Program Type: Major (B.A. and B.Mus. options), Minor

Explore the Music program

The Music program is an integral part of the educational and cultural environment of Moravian University and the Lehigh Valley. We offer top-notch, comprehensive, and personalized degree programs in music integrated with liberal arts studies, so you'll never have to face the "what can you do with a degree in music?" question without an answer. Many of our ensembles, concerts, lectures, and more are open to faculty, staff, members of the community, and students from any major.

Concentrations: Composition, Music Education, Performance (Vocal, Instrumental, Jazz), Pre-Music Therapy, Sacred Music, Technology and Audio Recording

Program Type: Major

Explore the Neuroscience program

Neuroscience represents a relatively new but rapidly expanding area of study that brings together a variety of disciplines to explore the development, structure, functional activities and behavioral consequences of the nervous system. The neuroscience major emphasizes a collaborative multidisciplinary approach to understanding the intricate neural mechanisms underlying human and animal behavior. You will experience a diverse, yet integrated education focused on the relationship between biology and behavior from the introductory to advanced courses of study.

Concentrations: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cellular Neurobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience

Program Type: Major

Explore the Nursing program

The Nursing major is designed to address the multiple roles of the professional nurse within the healthcare system. Development of our innovative curriculum was based on the belief that a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences is necessary to prepare you to manage the complexities inherent in the current healthcare system, and to provide safe, quality care to individuals and populations that represent diverse backgrounds.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Peace and Justice Studies program

The minor in Peace and Justice Studies is for students engaged in any major who wish to supplement their studies with a focus on peace and justice, social analysis, ethical deliberation, peacemaking, conflict resolution, reconciliation, and more.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Philosophy program

The Philosophy program provides you with opportunities to explore questions of fundamental significance to human life and to develop skills in critical thinking, reasoning, writing, and reading. You will explore issues such as, “What is justice?” and “How should we live?”

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Photography program

The Photography minor is designed for non-art majors who have an interest in photography, digital imaging, media arts, or other aspects of the visual arts.

Program Type: Major (B.A. and B.S. options), Minor

Explore the Physics program 

The Physics major provides the opportunity to investigate and study areas of physics essential for graduate work in physics and a variety of engineering fields, as well as physics-related careers in industry, government, or secondary education. In the physics curriculum, the emphasis is on experimental investigation that stresses physical principles and on theoretical developments and problem-solving.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Political Science program 

The areas of study in virtually every political department fall into four broad categories: American politics, political theory, comparative, and international politics. At Moravian University, we go further. Naturally, we prepare you for a career after college, whether in government, law, teaching, corporate, the non-profit sector, and beyond. But we seek to transform you in a way that prepares you both for leadership in your chosen field and for moral and political engagement in the world.

Concentrations: Citizenship in Theory and Practice, Global Politics and International Political Awareness

Program Type: Advising

Many students start college already thinking about professions that will require graduate study, including a variety of health professions and law. Moravian offers specific support to students planning for graduate study in these areas, regardless of their major or program. Pre-professional advising is available to all students across their years of study.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Psychology program 

At Moravian University, the psychology program concentrates on the established body of knowledge around how humans think, feel, and behave. It is a discipline that employs the scientific method to generate novel discoveries and a field of professional activity that focuses on improving human welfare.

Program Type: Major (B.A. and B.S. options), Minor

Explore the Public Health program

Public health is a dynamic field that aims to prevent disease and improve the health of individuals, communities, and global populations. The public health major includes the core components of the discipline including epidemiology, social determinants of health, health behavior, biostatistics, program planning, and health policy. Public health students develop and sharpen key analytical, communication, and leadership skills needed to improve health outcomes. Throughout the program, students are provided opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills through service and internship. The public health major prepares students to work in public health, clinical healthcare, health policy and administration, and law.

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Sociology Program

With strong foundations in sociological research and theory, you'll learn about the self and society, and the importance of institutions, interactions, and inequalities in social life.

Concentrations: Criminal Justice and Law, General Sociology

Program Type: Major, Minor

Explore the Spanish program

The Spanish program at Moravian University focuses on the study of language, literature, and culture of the Spanish speaking world and offers thought-provoking classes on film, linguistics, translation, and interpretation. Special emphasis is given to the articulation of critical and informed positions through reading, writing, and debate. Students are expected to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country for a semester. 

Program Type: Certificate

Explore the Spanish for Health Professionals program

This certificate program emphasizes cross-cultural communication and Spanish language acquisition for students employed in or pursuing careers in health-related professions. The four courses required for the program will help students develop proficiency in conversational Spanish with an emphasis on practical interactions in health and medical contexts. Students will also develop cultural competencies in relating to people from Hispanic cultures.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Theatre program

The Theatre minor gives you the opportunity to develop communication and creative problem-solving skills as you learn the art and technique of communicating a play to an audience. You will gain an understanding and appreciation of the various aspects of theatre production and begin to develop your own artistic voice in a combination of classroom and laboratory environments.

Program Type: Minor

Explore the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program

The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that examines the role of gender and sexuality in a global context. The program invites you to consider the psychological, social, economic, artistic, and political effects of gender and sexuality in your own and others’ lives, both historically and in the present.