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Health Sciences (BS)

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Health Sciences

If you want to become an allied health professional, you know graduate school is on the horizon. Your undergraduate major doesn’t have to be a placeholder. It can be the key that provides the hands-on, experiential learning needed to get you into the field and on the payroll faster than your peers.

At Moravian University, the B.S. in Health Sciences can do just that. You’ll get a 21st-century liberal arts education, plus a potential spot on the shortlist for graduate programs in athletic training, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Take a look at the success of our most recent Health Sciences graduates!

Pick a Track and Run With It. 

The health sciences major is intended for students who wish to pursue careers in allied health professions after completing their undergraduate career at Moravian University.

Students who declare this major choose one of four career-specific tracks: pre-athletic training, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, or communication sciences and disorders—all of which leave room for electives in disciplines spanning economics to sports psychology. Another option: pick two tracks and leave your graduate options wide open. It’s all possible.

Tackle the Big Issues.

In true liberal arts fashion, a senior capstone seminar ties the whole major together. Health sciences majors of all tracks will take Health 385 Social Issues in Health Sciences, in which students from all healthcare-related majors come together to explore the ethical and social issues related to health science while co-authoring research papers about their chosen field of study.


On a Roll? Stay for Graduate School.

The undergraduate health sciences major perfectly positions you for continued education. Our graduate programs in athletic training, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology are natural continuations of the health sciences major, and those who choose such paths will graduate with two outstanding degrees that will ready them for a career in health care.

But Will I Get Hired?

Allied health professions are growing at above average rates for the next 7+ years.

73,500 New Jobs

for physical therapists alone are expected to crop up by 2022.