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Requirements for the Anthropology Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Anthropology requires students to complete five (5) courses. Two (2) will be required courses, supplemented by three (3) elective courses. Of the five (5) courses to complete the minor, at least three (3) courses must be at the 200-level or higher. A minimum of one (1) elective course must be completed in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and students may pursue up to two (2) elective courses in other departments to fulfill the requirements for the minor.

Two (2) Required courses:
ANTH 113/SOC 113 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH/SOC 347 Advanced Research in Anthropology (Prerequisite: ANTH/SOC 113)

Three (3) Elective courses: Three elective courses must be completed from the list below, with at least one of which must be from the Department of Sociology & Anthropology (one (1) elective course must be taken in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and no more than two (2) elective courses may be completed through courses offered in other departments), and at least two of which are at the 200-level or higher.

Elective Courses in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology:
SOC 125 – Marriage and Family
ANTH/SOC 235 – Anthropology of Tourism
ANTH/SOC 262 -- Modern Tanzanian Culture and Society 
ANTH/SOC 280 – Health in Cultural Perspectives
SOC 240 – Social Deviance
SOC 258 – Power and Conflict
SOC 260 – Urban Sociology
SOC 265 – Sociology of Religion
SOC 335 – Sociological Theory
SOC 355 – Sociology of Gender
SOC 357 – Racial and Ethnic Inequality

Cross-listed Elective Courses in other departments:
ENGL 221 - The English Language
HIST 111 - Modern Latin America
HIST 221 - History of the Body
HIST 237 - Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe 
HIST 244 - Race and Citizenship in Modern US History
HIST 265 - Introduction to Experimental Archaeology
HIST 374 - History of Emotions
HIST 375 - First People of North America
HLTP 289 - Social Determinants of Health
IDIS 217 - From Ape to Madonna
FORL/IDIS 214 - Immigration, Exile and Internal Displacement in Latin American and Latino Literature
SPAN 125 - Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 210 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Cultures: Islamic Spain-Colonial Period
SPAN 215 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Cultures: Enlightenment-Present Latin America
SPAN 345 - Agency, Citizenship and Identity in the Southern Cone
FREN 210 - Multi-modal Texts: The Individual and Society
FREN 215 - Multi-modal Texts: Nature, Leisure and Technology
FREN 225 - French Connections: Letters and Culinary Arts
GERM 210 - German Culture in Context: Art and Contemporary Culture
GERM 215 - German Culture in Context: Literature and Film
POSC 127 - East Asia and the Future
POSC 330 - Culture and Politics
POSC 115 -  International Politics
POSC 260 - Critical Gender Studies
POSC 245 - The Politics of the Middle East
POSC 228 - African Politics
POSC 235 - Contemporary European Politics