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Ethics Minor

For the Ethics Certificate 

A minor in ethics includes five courses, at least 3 of which must be taken at Moravian (or another LVAIC institution).  Philosophy 222, 224, and 355 are required.  In addition, students must choose 2 course units from among the list below; 1 relevant course from outside the department of philosophy or 1 special topics course may be included in the minor, with approval from the chair of philosophy:

A student with a major in Philosophy may not minor in Ethics.

3 Required Courses

  • PHIL 222 Ethic
  • PHIL 224 Applied Ethics 
  • PHIL 355 Meta-Ethics

2 Electives

  • Philosophy 226.2 and 227.2 Ethics Bowl
  • Philosophy 228 Sport Ethics 
  • Philosophy 230 Advanced Topics in the Ethics of Abortion
  • Philosophy 250 Environmental Ethics
  • Philosophy 251 Philosophy of Technology
  • Philosophy 255 Social and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy 257 Bio-Ethics and Social Justice
  • Philosophy 259 Medical Ethics
  • Philosophy 267 West African Philosophy: Akan Ethics
  • Philosophy 271 Race, Gender, Identity, and Moral Knowledge
  • Philosophy 275 Ethics for the Public's Health
  • Religion 260 Moral Injury: A Public Health Crisis
  • Approved Special Topics course in ethics

(One relevant course can be from outside the Department of Philosophy with approval from the chair).