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Student Resources

Important Philosophical Links

Philosophical Organizations

Undergraduate Journals

  • Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science
  • Hermenaut, an irregularly published journal of philosophy and pop-culture, has been described as "a zine that gives voice to indie intellectual thought," "a scholarly journal minus the university," and "a sounding board for thinking folk who operate outside the ivory tower." Founded in 1992 by a rag-tag group of outsider intellectuals, Hermenaut uses the tools of philosophy, sociology, and critical theory to explode the received notions of academia and the hipster demimonde alike. From here, you can read selections from our print issues as well as search the site itself by subject.
  • Princeton Journal of Bioethics: The PJB is the first undergraduate Bioethics journal in the world. Abstracts from our first journal can be found online, as can the call for papers.